Detroit salon that helps women with hair loss stuck with no water, heat

– A Detroit business owner who helps cancer patients and others in need finds herself without running water or heat.

Jackie Owens is the owner of Transitional Styles, a hair salon on Harper on Detroit’s eastside. She specializes in serving clients with hair loss.

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But since she opened her doors last month she hasn’t had heat or running water.

“When you’re a young lady and you don’t have any hair and you need to be shampooed in a certain way, you need to be comfortable in an establishment,” said Jackie Owens, salon owner.

Week after week, Owens says her landlord would give her excuses as to why she still didn’t have heat or water. Eventually she says he just quit taking her calls altogether.

“We have some clients that my decide to work with us, but we try and don’t do it,” she said. “If they come in with their hair already washed we can prep them and get them started. It is difficult and getting harder by the day. I’m frustrated … I can’t take it anymore.”

And just a few minutes after Owens  said that, a surprise twist  – a woman who didn’t want to be on camera walked in, handed Owens a piece of paper and told her the building was under new management.

“In 24 hours I get a new owner? Are you serious,” she said.

FOX 2 contacted the new management company and left a message for the contact person, but she has not returned our call yet.

Meanwhile Owens is just hoping for the best.

“They might come in and do the repairs,” she said. “All I can do is give them a chance. I just want to get my own building up and running and eliminate all of this. I’m tired.”


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