DRUGGED UP Drug-driving epidemic as HALF of roadside tests have been positive in the two years since new laws were introduced

BRITAIN is in the midst of a drug-driving epidemic, an exclusive Sun Online investigation can reveal.

Police officers have carried out more than 20,000 roadside drug-drive tests over the past two years with HALF of drivers testing positive.

Map shows the percentage of positive roadside drug tests for top 10 police forces

Map shows the percentage of positive roadside drug tests for top 10 police forces

Cops across England and Wales have stopped 24,541 drivers since new laws were introduced in March 2015 with 12,268 revealed as having traces of drugs in their system.

Yet this could just be the tip of the iceberg as our Freedom of Information request only accounts for roadside tests using “drugalyser” kits that screen for cocaine and cannabis.

To check for other banned substances such as heroin, LSD and ecstasy, plus prescription medication like diazepam and temazepam, a blood test at the station is required.

And a THIRD of police forces were unable to even provide figures under the investigation.

They said they don’t store records digitally as there’s currently no government guidelines on recording drug-driving tests like there is for other crimes such as drink-driving or speeding.

Gwent Police in South Wales were most successful with 64 per cent of all roadside tests returning positive readings followed by Thames Valley (54%) and West Mercia (54%).

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