Are You Eligible to Use Medical Marijuana? Take These Steps to Find Out

As you may have heard, many states are allowing medical cannabis treatments for certain conditions. However, there is a process to follow in order to legally be declared as having an eligible medical condition and to purchase at a dispensary. Follow these three steps if you want to get started with medical marijuana treatment.

Is your condition covered?
The first question to ask is whether your specific condition is eligible for treatment through medical marijuana. A variety of debilitating conditions that is identified by a qualified physician are eligible. During your visit to a Florida medical marijuana clinic, you will find out if the condition you are dealing with is eligible. Some conditions currently on the list include anxiety, back pain, cancer, HIV/AIDS, migraines, PTSD and seizures to name a few.

Attend your initial appointment
If your particular condition is already listed as eligible, your next step is to make an appointment at the clinic to visit with a qualified physician. Your provider works with you to recommend the best medical marijuana treatment options as well as correct dosage that meets your needs. If you are unsure if your condition is on the list, at your initial appointment you can discuss it further with the physician to find out what your options are.

Apply for your registry ID card
Once you complete your initial appointment with a qualified provider and are determined to be eligible, you can apply for a registry ID card. Your provider will give you the application and can also answer questions regarding the registry ID card application process. A recertification is required every 210 days.

Ultimately, a variety of medical ailments are said to respond favorably to medical cannabis treatment and many states have made it legal to use it to treat certain conditions. However, you need to follow the state-specific process in order to qualify. Three simple steps to follow are: determine if your condition is eligible, attend your initial appointment with a qualified physician and apply for your registry ID card with the state.

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