A Place to Recover Comfortably

The Brink

Addiction can sometimes be like a maze. A part of you knows that you need to find a way out of the maze, but impulses and desires and sometimes other factors create new walls and pathways designed to keep you locked into your addiction. Whether you’ve taken the choice to battle for sobriety yourself or because of your family, you need a safe and secure place to receive help for your battle. It’s difficult to fight addiction alone, and many of those who do, often end up falling back into the same routine. It’s understandable that seeking help with this problem can be difficult. It often requires a form of vulnerability that you’re not comfortable showing others. It also requires you to take a hard look into the mirror and accept certain things that you may find difficult. However, there is a location available that offers substance abuse treatment in Maryland for you.

The Help You Deserve

Stepping Stones Recovery Houses are living homes in Washington DC that offer a safe and secure place for addicts to fight for sobriety. After an interview process in which you’ll learn the rules and expectations of living in the recovery home, you’ll be able to move into the designated home for you. You’ll find managers and other members living in the home with you to create a supportive and comfortable family unit within the home. By working together and supporting one another, you can create close bonds to those who support you and to those who are struggling just like you. SSR also brings in representatives from employment services to help you find a job that you can focus your attention on and become passionate about. For those needing other forms of healing, therapists and spiritual leaders can be brought in to nurture your mental health and spirit.

SSR’s ultimate goal is to help you become a healthy, productive member of society. Through familial support and guidance, they believe they can help you take the world back into your own hands.

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