FDA Reviews Long-Term Weight Loss Drug

THERE ARE A lot of baseless, potentially dangerous, weight loss quick fixes on the market. Some that make you get explosive diarrhea, others that require you to have invasive surgery and even some that could lead to heart problems in the future.

But there might be hope without going under the knife or soiling your underpants. Reuters reports that Qnexa, a combination of the appetite suppressant phentermine and the anti-seizure drug topiramate, is currently being evaluated by the FDA as a long-term weight loss aid that continues to help you drop the pounds for two years.

Qnexa, manufactured by Vivus Inc., was tested in a clinical trial by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 449 men and women who took the drug and made small lifestyle changes lost, on average, 10 percent of their starting weight over the course of two years. 227 who made lifestyle changes and took a placebo only ended up losing an average of two percent. The drug also showed signs of decreasing the risk for diabetes.

However, Qnexa’s first attempt at FDA approval was a wash due to some users experiencing elevated heart rates and potential for birth defects. This time around, they are trying to get it approved with a warning that women of childbearing age shouldn’t take it. During the clinical trial, the patients using Qnexa experienced upper respiratory infections, constipation, dry mouth and tingling sensations.




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