Ghana to prohibit skin Bleaching products in August

A Ghana fan holds up Ghanaian flags during the international soccer game.

A Ghana fan holds up Ghanaian flags at some point of the global soccer sport.
Colorism, that which privileges lighter pores and skin over darker, is an problem that not handiestinfluences African people, but quite a lot everybody of color around the sector.

From India to Compton, Brazil to Belize, one of the approaches in which colorism rears its unsightly head is in skin bleaching. we have all seen photographs in which celebrities along with Dominican baseballparticipant Sammy Sosa or Nigerian-Cameroonian pop singer Dencia bleached their beautiful brown pores and skin to odd sunglasses not observed in nature, ostensibly for splendor and status. As far lower back as the Nineteen Nineties, the Jamaican dancehall track “Dem a Bleach” pointed out the phenomenon of using chemicals to regulate the color of brown skin.

but the West African nation of Ghana is putting the kibosh on that.

Face 2 Face Africa reports that come August, Ghana’s food and drugs Authority (FDA) will ban the sale ofcosmetic merchandise that contain the pores and skin bleaching element hydroquinone, which has beenlinked to cancer.

presented as a physical (not intellectual) public health difficulty, FDA spokesperson James Larteyshowed that such merchandise will now not be imported to the us of a.

concerning pores and skin lightening merchandise, we’re pronouncing that from August 2016, allmerchandise containing hydroquinone will now not be allowed into the u . s . a .. From 2016, theattractiveness for pores and skin lightening merchandise goes to be 0,” said Lartey.

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