Hurdles at the path of Yoga

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – information Sheet 24
Contd. from information sheet 23

What are the limitations at the direction to discovery? They add as much as nine.

“Vyadhistyanasamshaya pramadalasyavirati bhrantidarshanalabdha bhoomikatvanavasthitatvani chittavikshepaste antarayaha”

vyadhi = infection; styana = lack of ability to recognise; samshaya = doubt; pramada = carelessness; alasya = laziness; avirati = non-attachment closer to the senses; bhranti darshana = hallucination; alabdha bhoomikatva = non-attainment of any nation; anavasthitatva = instability; chitta = mind; vikshepaha = distractions; te = these are; antarayaha = obstacles

contamination, incapability to recognise, doubt, carelessness, laziness, non-attachment towards the senses, hallucination, non-attainment of any kingdom, or instability, these are the distractions of thethoughts which motive obstacles on the direction.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #30

#1. Vyadhi or infection within the body is the primary impediment.

#2. Styana or the illness in the mind that is both mentally challenged and inability to recognize, listen,recognize, follow or exercise some thing. as an instance, you may be flawlessly very well howeverwhen you get to begin meditating, illness befalls you! if you are looking television, not anything takes place, but in case you sit down all the way down to meditate, the frame grows stressed. this is animpediment for your course.

#3. Samshaya or doubt. The mind is bogged via 3 varieties of doubts:

Doubt approximately oneself: “Am I top sufficient? I don’t suppose i’m able to do it”. you notice each person else meditating and anybody else very happy and sitting in a pleasant mood and also you feelthat they may be all playing and completely satisfied. “it’s far only me who’s suffering. i am noaccurate. I do no longer think that i can ever make it.” So, doubt approximately your self.
Doubt about the approach: “is this okay? Will this approach do any precise to me? I don’t think so. may be I ought to do some different technique. It isn’t always for me.”
Doubt approximately the instructor: “what is he up to? What does he need?” these 3 varieties of doubts can bog down the progress. Doubt about yourself starts offevolved like this. this is an obstruction.
You recognize doubt well. Your doubts are constantly approximately some thing that is good. You in no way doubt negativity. as a substitute, you continually doubt positivity. Has anybody ever doubted theirmelancholy? You never ask your self, “Am I virtually depressed?” however in case you are glad, you doubt, “Am I virtually satisfied? is that this what I want? i’m not so sure.” You preserve asking your selfin case you are clearly glad.

#four. Pramada way doing some thing incorrect understanding that it’s far very wrong. you know thatcertain matters are not appropriate for you and knowing this too well, you do it. Or, understanding tooproperly that you have to do some thing and not doing. you know that if you do now not do a positivejob you’ll be in problem and knowing that you’ll be in problem, nonetheless you get into trouble.understanding that you have sugar hassle and you should no longer eat a great deal sugar,nonetheless you cross on ingesting sugar or chocolate something knowingly. this is pramāda. So, carelessness, no longer being alert and attentive is some other impediment.

#5. Alasya is laziness; a heaviness within the frame. you may do loads of things, however with regards to doing little asanas, postures or workout, you definitely don’t. This laziness can creep up in anycomponent of lifestyles whilst doing some thing. One is intentionally no longer doing and every other is heaviness or laziness within the frame that takes over you.

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