Kids guess yoga poses just hearing the names

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If you’ve dabbled in yoga, you probably take the names of the actual poses for granted.

You know, like the Happy Baby for instance. You don’t think twice about how silly it sounds.

But spare a thought for kiddies trying yoga for the very first time and how they might interpret an exercise called, oh you know, the Downward Dog, for example.

A video from HiHo kids shows little ones trying to guess yoga poses after hearing the name of the pose. And it’s gone viral with over 122,000 views.

We see the delightful yoga instructor demonstrating the pose to viewers and then gathering her young yogis. She tells the children the name, like Warrior – and let’s them go for it.

And let’s just say the creative juices certainly flow.

It’s sure to give you a chuckle during your next yoga class, as you head into your Warrior pose after seeing one little boys’s boxing depiction. Ooooommmmm!


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