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Patanjali Yoga Sutras – understanding Sheet 13
Contd. from know-how sheet 12

Dispassion does not take joy faraway from you. Dispassion gives you joy that nothing else can come up with. there may be a verse in Shankaracharya’s composition Bhaja Govindam: Kasya sukham na karoti viragaha?, which means, “What satisfaction can not be given by means of dispassion?” It gives all thepleasures due to the fact you are so absolutely within the moment.

The so-called dispassion in the world appears so dry. individuals who assume that they’re dispassionate are melancholic. they’re unhappy. They run faraway from the sector and then they name this as dispassion and say that they have renounced the arena. This isn’t always renunciation. That isn’t alwaysdispassion. people break out out of sorrow, out of distress, out of apathy. And escapists assume they aredispassionate. Dispassion is some thing greater precious, delicate and more precious in existence.

here is a story. when Alexander the terrific left for India, people had advised him, “if you find sanyasis there, just trap preserve of them and bring them returned right here. they’re very valuable in India.” So Alexander sent word and nobody would come ahead. He then despatched a message threatening them, “if you don’t come, i am going to cut your head off.”

They still did now not come. He then threatened them, “i’m going to take away your books, the 4 Vedas. i can take all you’ve got and your scriptures.”

The human beings said they could deliver him all of the books the following night. The pundits thenknown as their children and made them memorize the script all night. They then took the manuscripts to Alexander and stated, “you could take them, we do no longer want them.”

Alexander then threatened to reduce off their heads. The sanyasis told him he became free to do as hethrilled. Alexander couldn’t inspect their eyes and could not tolerate the electricity of dispassion. He had met someone for the first time, who did not care for the emperor.

while Alexander got here to India, some humans supplied him with a plate of gold bread. He had informedthem he was hungry and that they had informed him, when you consider that he become an emperor hecould not consume wheat bread. He told them he changed into starving and wanted bread. To which thepeople said: “Don’t you get bread in your us of a? Are you going all over and trying to overcome the arena simply to consume the identical bread we’re eating?” The announcement shook Alexander’sinternational. It made him comprehend that what they had been announcing turned into the reality. Henotion to himself: “what is the factor of conquering the sector? while all you want is happiness and peace.” Legend has it that Alexander then proclaimed: “after I die, leave my palms open. allow people understandthat Alexander, who concept he had taken the entirety, is leaving the arena with nothing.”

Dispassion is the energy in you. while you are focused and calm, you could understand that everyonewho has come to this international has come to present something to this international. we’ve gotnothing to take from right here.

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