Longtime doctor: Trump takes drug to promote hair growth

Longtime doctor: Trump takes drug to promote hair growth
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President Donald Trump‘s longtime doctor Harold Bornstein told The New York Times that Trump takes several medications, including a drug to promote hair growth.

In recent interviews, Bornstein told the newspaper that Trump uses a prostate-related drug to maintain hair growth, medication to control rosacea, a common skin problem, and statin, a lipid-lowering medication for elevated blood cholesterol.

According to the Times, Trump only takes a small dose of the prostate drug, finasteride, which lowers PSA levels in the body and is also frequently used to treat male-pattern hair loss.

Bornstein personally praised the drug and credited it for his own healthy head of hair.“He has all his hair … I have all my hair,” he said, according to the newspaper.

Bornstein disclosed that Trump also takes baby aspirin in order to reduce the risk of a heart attack and that his medication is “exactly up to date.” The physician also said that the president was in good health.

Trump’s doctor first made headlines during the election, after he statedthat, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

According to the Times, the White House did not say if Bornstein was still Trump’s doctor or whether the information obtained by the newspaper was accurate.


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