Major funding boost to help cancer fight

Brought to you by the Northumberland Gazette.

The charity plans to invest around £5.9million over the next five years at the Cancer Research UK Newcastle Centre, to fund ground-breaking work, as part of the development of a unique chain of cutting-edge research hubs around the UK. The money will be used to accelerate work into diagnosing and treating a range of cancers in children and adults. This includes extending the understanding of how and why cancers develop to aid the design of new drugs and supporting the development of personalised medicine where treatments are tailored to individual patients’ cancer. A key part of the funding will involve training the next generation of cancer researchers – including 10 PhD students – to ensure that the brightest scientists are attracted and supported in their career in cancer research. A further grant of nearly £2million is planned for the Newcastle Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC), from Cancer Research UK and the National Institute for Health Research. This will help cancer sufferers access cutting-edge treatments and precision medicine by testing new ways of detecting and monitoring the disease and how it responds to treatment through early phase clinical trials. Lisa Millett, from Cancer Research UK, said: “This award is recognition of the fantastic research in the area.
“It is reassuring to know that, thanks to our supporters across the North East, Cancer Research UK is able to fund some of the best and most-promising research in Newcastle to help more people survive.”


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