Microarray Technology Supports Better Health

Discoveries in technology make it possible to learn more about the human body and all that interacts with it. Scientists have been using microarray scanners for decades now, but the applications have expanded far beyond the initial design, boasting significant medical advantages.

DNA Analysis

The initial purpose of these machines was to analyze and research genetics. Though largely restricted to the scientific community, today microarray service providers make it possible for anyone to learn more about his or her hereditary markers. By looking deeper at your DNA, you start to understand more about who you are and what made you that way.               

Diagnostic Tests

By analyzing genes, specialists can also use correlation data to predict some diseases and medical conditions. This may help someone adapt his or her lifestyle to prevent potential illness. In this way, microarray scanners serve as diagnostic tools, to aid clinics in pinpointing a disease and directing the proper treatment. This accelerates the process of getting patients the help that they need.

Drug Applications

One key challenge in treating patients with drugs is that each person has a unique biological makeup. This means that not everyone will respond to chemical compounds in the same manner. In some cases, this may result in the treatment having minimal impact, but in other cases, it can be very dangerous. By looking at DNA studies, scientists can see what predetermined genetic markers predict bad and good interactions with certain drugs.

Medical diagnostic and treatment continue to change as technology evolves. With the help of new advancements, scientists and doctors are able to more accurately predict patient reactions with drugs. This achievement can help make treatments more effective in the long run.

On a more personal note, microarray technology allows individuals to learn more about their bodies, their genetics and their ancestry. This knowledge encourages some to live healthier, more purposeful lives.

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