Include these 9 vitamin C rich foods in your diet for weight loss

01/10Want to drop weight fast?

Vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients of all. From fighting cold to protecting the heart, vitamin C has numerous proven health benefits. But do you know that it is also a great fat burner? As per a study, people who had ample vitamin C in their diet (and body) burned about 30 percent more fat while exercising as compared to people low on this nutrient. In order to lose weight in an effective way, women should consume 75 milligrams of vitamin C every day and for men, it is 90 milligrams.

So munch on these 9 vitamin C rich fruits and veggies if you want to drop weight fast:


This vibrant, sweet fruit is good for the digestive system and helps you burn fat. Pineapple is low in calorie and rich in nutrition that helps to cut down excessive fat from the body.

Vitamin C level: 79 mg per serving

03/10Bell peppers

Bell peppers are great for weight loss. It is rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that help to fight disease and lose a few pounds.

Vitamin C level: 117 mg per serving


Papaya is good for digestion and it also detoxifies the liver. The fruit is low in calories and a rich source of fiber and vitamin A and C.

Vitamin C level: 188 mg per serving



Strawberries contain a good amount of fiber, which makes them an excellent weight loss fruit. Fiber keeps your hunger pangs at bay and curbs your craving for unhealthy food.

Vitamin C level: 85 mg per serving



Kiwis are superfoods for weight loss because they are rich in fiber. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, kiwis are low in calories and energy dense.

Vitamin C level: 72 mg or 1 fruit



Like other citrus fruit, oranges are low in calories and high in vitamin C. So, if you are trying to lose weight, eat oranges rather than drinking orange juice.

Vitamin C level: 70 mg for 1 fruit



Tomatoes are an excellent source of protein, minerals, and dietary fiber. Full of antioxidants, tomatoes are also high in water content.

Vitamin C level: 23 mg per serving



Broccoli contains good carb and is high in fiber. It helps in digestion, prevents constipation and maintains low blood sugar.

Vitamin C level: 81 mg per serving



Cauliflowers are low in calories and you can eat it without worrying about weight gain. Cauliflower slows the digestion process and promotes the feeling of fullness.

Vitamin C level: 52 mg per serving


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