Mum battling rare cancer in desperate battle to raise £60,000 for revolutionary treatment in Germany

A young mother battling a savage form of cancer is frantically trying to raise £60,000 to pay for potentially life-saving treatment in Germany.

Rhianna Ferguson was told she was suffering from a rare form of cancer that has a low survival rate in October.

The 24-year-old immediately underwent a series of treatments – including the removal of a kidney – but the renal medullary carcinoma has since spread to her spine.

Rhianna, from Partington, in Trafford , has been told she may have just months to live and is now hoping to raise enough money for treatment at a private clinic in Germany.

However she will need £60,000 for a consultation alone at the Hallwang Clinic and up to £360,000 for treatment there.

The mum-of-one says she is desperate to try any treatment that could prolong her life to spend time with her one-year-old daughter Novà Noelle Morris.

Rhianna Ferguson with her daughter Novà Noelle Morris
Rhianna Ferguson with her daughter Novà Noelle Morris

She told the Manchester Evening News : “I kept going to the doctor’s with kidney infections and they kept sending me away. The antibiotics were not working but I had pain in my kidney for about seven months.

“I was referred to Manchester Royal Infirmary and had a biopsy and scans and was diagnosed with cancer. I had the kidney removed and they said, hopefully that will be the end of it.

“It’s one of the rarest forms of kidney cancer and nothing works for it. The longest survivor has lived for eight years. It’s incurable at the moment.

“The clinic in Germany have treated lots of people with terminal cancers but the treatment is so expensive. I need at least £60,000 just for the consultation.

“When I first found out it was horrible. My life flashed before me.

“My daughter is only one and I just kept thinking I would miss her life.

“I will do anything I can to beat this. I have done everything to change my lifestyle – I’ve even become vegan.”

Rhianna’s sister Renacia has set up a Crowdfunding page in a bid to raise money for her sister HERE .

Kind-hearted people donated more than £1,000 within hours of the page being set up.

Rhianna said: “People have been so kind. I just hope I can raise enough money to get to the clinic.”


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