Rye Hunt took tablets that brought on paranoia before he disappeared in Brazil, police say

Rye Hunt and Mitchell Sheppard holding surfboards

The own family of an Australian guy missing in Brazil says police have informed the media Rye Hunt used a “recreational substance” inside the lead-up to his disappearance 12 days ago.

The uncle and lady friend of the 25-yearold Hobart mine worker have arrived in Rio, wherein Mr Huntchanged into final seen at an rental in Copacabana on might also 21.

In a announcement released overnight, own family members said they have been worried by way ofpolice reports Mr Hunt had grow to be paranoid and annoying after taking drugs.

A journalist from O Globo newspaper in Brazil, Maria Brandao, stated police had informed journalists that Mr Hunt and a partner had taken the drug ecstasy the night before Mr Hunt disappeared.

They went out to a club in an area of Brazil referred to as Lapa.

Ms Brandao stated each Rye and his associate have been hallucinating after taking the drugs.

so that they took the drug, they went to this birthday party and that they had been in a psychotic breakdown,” she stated.

Rye Hunt in the front of waterfall
picture: Rye Hunt’s circle of relatives is eager to keep his photograph inside the public eye. (provided)
Police informed newshounds that reports propose Mr Hunt became psychotic tomorrow while he and histravel accomplice Mitchell Sheppard were due to fly to Bolivia.

Ms Brandao said police advised reporters Mr Hunt fled the airport and checked into an rental at Copacabana.

The circle of relatives said the use of medication was “out of man or woman” for Mr Hunt, who worked in the mining enterprise, and had had regular trying out for tablets and in no way failed.

Mr Hunt had no records of paranoia, tension or any other diagnosed mental infection.

They stated they have been looking forvast proof” to verify the reviews from police, who had been now reviewing reports of feasible sightings.

circle of relatives individuals also said they were searching for to remedy some of topics withauthorities in Rio, who are reviewing feasible sightings of Mr Hunt.

Mr Hunt vanished after keeping apart from Mr Sheppard, 22, at Rio global Airport on can also 21.

Rye Hunt’s backpack, camera and computer were observed in his rented condo
image: Rye Hunt’s backpack, digital camera and computer had been observed in his rentedcondominium. (supplied)
He turned into last seen on the rental on protection imaginative and prescient.

The ABC changed into advised on Wednesday that the Brazilian police hotline acquired 3 pointers on Tuesday about viable sightings.

The circle of relatives has been given an itemised account of Mr Hunt’s possessions determined inside thecondominium.

The items have been scattered within the room and protected backpacks, a camera, two pairs ofsneakers, a couple of shoes, sun shades, an iphone and charger, and other laptop system.

Mr Hunt’s sister Romany Brodribb said there had been also credit score playing cards.

“It gives us extra facts about what he had on him at the time and i bet it means that government can speculate on what his aim become leaving the room,” she said.

Mr Hunt had a wallet and his passport on him as properly.

Rye Hunt and girlfriend Bonnie Cuthbert
photograph: Mr Hunt’s girlfriend Bonnie Cuthbert has travelled to Brazil to assist with the quest. (fb)
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