Sabra Recall Calls Attention to Quality Control for Food Brands (Watch)

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Sabra, the popular hummus brand, just recalled some of its products due to possible listeria contamination. And the company isn’t alone.

Over the past several years, consumers have learned about contaminated cantaloupes, salad mixes, meat and poultry. Some of those products have even led to deaths.

But it might not be all bad news. Experts think that part of the reason for the increase in recalls has to do with improvements in the way the food industry collects date about food processing. In other words, you’re more likely to see recalls because companies and government agencies are more likely to actually catch problems when they occur.

The Best Way to Avoid Food Recalls? Prevention.

But recalls can still have negative effects on business reputations. So for businesses in the quickly evolving food industry, avoiding any food safety issues is obviously the top goal. That means staying on top of the latest technology and industry standards for food safety and processing.

And if you do come across any food safety issues, it’s important to act quickly and in the best interest of consumers. And then once you have the safety part covered, you can work on the reputation management part.

Image: Sabra

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