We Salute the Spirit of India’s maximum Academically qualified woman Truck driving force


A attorney, the mom of two, and a confident truck driver – Yogita Raghuvanshi has been using her truckthroughout the length and breadth of the us of a because the yr 2000. What commenced as theconsequence of an unwell-fated organized marriage and this girl’s solve to no longer give up on hercircle of relatives, is now her source of income with the assist of which she is asking after her childrenYashika and Yashwin and making sure that they complete their educationeach are undergraduatestudents.

A certified attorney, Yogita who was at the beginning from Uttar Pradesh, grew up in Nandurbar, Maharashtra together with her 4 siblings.


A eager pupil, she earned ranges in both commerce and law. In 1991, she was married to a person from Bhopal. Her husband’s own family had claimed earlier than the marriage that he is a attorney practisingin the Bhopal excessive courtroom. however it turned out to be lie, which have become the base of ansad dating. Her husband died in a avenue coincidence 16 years ago and then Yogita decided topaintings as a truck motive force. She selected this life due to the reality that the quantity she wouldearn as a novice inside the field of regulation might now not had been enough.

“If I had opted to be a junior to a few attorney and input the prison career, i’d have were given best a pittance for the various preliminary years. however I learnt that riding vehicles supposed immediatelywages…possibly, i am the most academically certified truck driver in the u . s .,” she advised The Hindu.

even as her adventure started out with snide feedback and hostile stares, Yogita soon learned to make her manner on her own and is now a confident, robust female running in a male dominated area. She had pushed five lakh kilometres via 2013.


We salute her power, braveness, and could to by no means surrender.

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