School exclusions: Record numbers for drugs and alcohol

Spice stimulants on sale in a London shop
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A record number of school exclusions were issued to pupils last year for drug and alcohol related issues, new statistics reveal.

Figures show 9,250 permanent and fixed period exclusions for drugs and alcohol were handed out by schools in 2015-16.

A further 2,140 exclusions were issued to pupils for sexual misconduct.

The government says every child should “have access to a good school place where they can learn without disruption and feel safe”.

The figures published by the Department for Education, and analysed by BBC News show an increase over the past decade in the number of exclusions being issued for drugs and alcohol in state-funded schools.

In the last academic year 9,250 permanent and fixed period exclusions were issued for substance offences compared to 8,580 in 2006-07.


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