Seafront yoga park to be ready in Mumbai’s Bandra by January 26

An artist’s impression of the park.

Bandra is set to get its first yoga park by the sea by January 26.

BJP Mumbai unit chief and MLA Ashish Shelar along with corporators and residents on Thursday inaugurated a one-acre open space next to reclamation promenade.

According to Anbusivan Ranganathan, the architect for the project, work would be carried out in two phases on funds received through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The fist phase, costing about Rs 1 crore, would include posters of different yoga positions on the embankment wall which will have vertical greenery. Under the second phase, sculptures will be installed and grass planted.

“The vertical greenery will also prevent soil erosion on the roadside and make it more stable. The garden will have stormwater drain and a set-up to harvest rainwater, which will help control flooding and protect plants,” added Ranganathan.

According to Shelar, the park will be part of the “Bandra Entry Point Beautification” project, which includes the national flag post at Lands End and the murals on MTNL building.

The open space was being misused by miscreants for long. Now, it will be the perfect place to practise yoga,” said Shelar.

While residents are happy with the new project, they wanted the legislator to focus on the problems of the promenade as well. In response, Shelar told residents, “The promenade and the tunnel leading to it will be upgraded with lights in a week or two.”

Alka Kulkarni, 63, of Bandra Reclamation Area Volunteers’ Organisation (BRAVO) told HT, “Proper lights and maintenance of the space are also important. Secondly, while the yoga park is good idea, it is not really accessible for residents.”

Vidyadhar Date, another resident and a frequent walker on the promenade, said access and enough shade in the park is needed.

“Such spaces also need to be integrated into the city so that it is used by as many people as possible.”

“Since the garden is right next to the highway, it will be an iconic space and access to it will be regulated,” said Ranganathan.


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