‘Too sexy for cancer’ t-shirts are empowering patients

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — Dan Dickinson knows what it’s like to battle cancer.  He also knows that support and having a positive attitude are key ingredients to beating it.

That’s why Dickinson has raised over $2,000 for ‘Cancer Fighting Shirts For Hope’.  The t-shirts have funny messages designed to kick cancer in the behind.

The shirts proclaim bold statements like, “Cancer’s Worst Nightmare,” or, “Too Sexy For Cancer”.

Dickinson comes up with the slogans on his own.  The idea came to him when he was in the midst of his own chemotherapy treatment.

He was attending a cardio class to decrease the side effects of chemotherapy.  He was doing so well in the class that the instructor suggested he make a shirt saying he was cancer’s worst nightmare, “because you are.” Dickinson took it a step further by making the letters look like a 1950’s monster horror movie.

Armed with the t-shirts, Dickinson and his team of volunteers, many of them also survivors, spend time at local cancer treatment hospitals.  They visit with patients, handout shirts, and offer advice as well as some laughs.

The goal, says Dickinson, is to, “spend some time with each fighter to listen, to encourage, to inspire – to give hope.”

It’s not just about the t-shirts for Dickinson. The real story, he says, is about the people fighting for their lives. “Everyone is so approachable, everyone has been humbled by this horrible disease that it has left them gracious and open.”

He adds that some people are strong and determined in their fight against cancer, but there are others who are fearful.  “They are the ones that really need to hear from survivors that there is life on the other side of cancer,” says Dickinson. “In the middle of the battle it does not seem like it but on the other side – life is wonderful!”


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