Skin care tips for summer

Skin care tips for summer
The scorching heat and high humidity are definitely going to take a toll on your skin. Take a step before the damage is done. Here are a few tips to ensure that your skin stays safe.
l Don’t step out without a lip balm. Your lips tend to get dry and dark thanks to all the heat. Apply balm before you head out and make sure to re-apply when outdoors.
l Based on your skin type, choose the type of sun screen you would like to use. Your skin might be sensitive and be susceptible to breakouts, too. So make sure you choose a cream with the right kind of SPF levels. If you are unsure, head to a doctor for advice.
l Forget the tan. It is not all that fancy to get a tan anymore. Wear clothes that will cover your hands. Though people would advise you to go for sleeveless and off-shoulders. Those with sensitive skin can cover it up so their skin doesn’t get damaged. Always have sunglasses handy.
l Don’t go overboard with makeup. Give your skin a break and also avoid applying perfume on your skin.
l Make sure you drink a lot of water and also take shower twice a day. It will cool your body temperature.
l Having fruits will definitely cool your body and will help you retain that glow on your skin.
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