Skin hydration: The salon story

Skin hydration

Despite its relative short lifespan in Bangladesh, winter is perhaps the most lovable season of the year. The chilly breezes call forth a series of winter weddings and parties that go on as long as this pleasant weather lasts. While you make sure that your look is immaculate with the finest makeover, outfit, shoes and matching accessories, do not forget to take extra care of your precious skin that tends to lose moisture frequently in this season.

This is the time to stay one step ahead of the crisp winter winds and visit a salon where your skin can get its long-deserved pampering and become ‘winterproof!’


When it comes to exquisite skin, face and hair services, Farzana Shakil’s is the affordable big-league salon you simply cannot miss!

Among its wide array of facials and massages, the Shirodhara facial is a great pick for winter. The ‘shiro’ or head massage relaxes the scalp and the head, initiating a complete relaxation process, giving way to increased blood circulation.

In addition, the Ayurvedic Glow and French facials are customer favourites that are beneficial to improve the skin’s texture, enhance its glow and eliminate dry and dead skin cells. The price range begins from Tk 2000. Moreover, the hot hair oil massage and manicure/pedicure with paraffin are special recommendations for the season.


Renowned for its spa and body services, Harmony brings to its patrons an excellent range of services for the chilly season. Starting off with its rich variety of facials, the Ayurvedic Navara Facial is recommended by the experts present there. It comprises a softening and moisturising process with a ‘binni rice’ and ‘malai’ (milk cream) pack that moisturises and adds a fresh glimmer to your face.

In addition, it includes a head to toe oil massage, all within a price of Tk 4500.

For dull and dry skin, the Chocolate Facial is a preferable and reasonable choice that comes for Tk 1800-2500. The cocoa and chocolates mixture used in this facial remarkably brightens and hydrates the skin.

Moving on to its commendable body services, the first favourite of winter is the Chocolate Body Scrubbing that restores moisture, removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles and leaves an overall radiance and softness on the body. The price is ranged between Tk 1800 and Tk2000.

The Navarakkhizi treatment is a package of body care, including shower and shampoo (and conditioning) as a fine finishing touch. The main process involves a hot bundle – a lukewarm mixture of binni rice, malai, and turmeric is filled into a small cotton sac and massaged on the body in circular motions. The Navarakkhizi costs around Tk 4000. Moreover, one very unique body service is the Hot Stone Abhyangam – a procedure of laying hot stones across the back. It is especially beneficial for relieving muscle and joint pain, and helps to relax and de-stress. It includes a body and hair oil massage and costs Tk 2500-3800.

The Podikkhizi & Elakkhizi service also goes recommended. A technique similar to Navarakkhizi is used for this service, with the exception of a filling of boiled herbs instead of the malai mixture.

Harmony Spa also offers a great range of hair care services that can be availed within a decent budget.


Apart from losing moisture, the skin loses its natural glow as more dead and dry skin builds up during winter. They gave two delicate facials – Crystal Diamond Facial and Active Hydrating Facial – that are must-tries for the season.

The Active Hydrating facial offers a soothing herbal mask and promises to leave you with a glowing and moisturised skin. The facial costs range between Tk 12000 and 18000. If you are looking for a more clean-up facial that suit your wallet better then you should look out for the Off-Season Facial. This budget-friendly facial, priced at Tk 6000, will remove damaged skin, soften your face and help it to retain its moisture for a long time.

Along with your face, grace your hair with the Signature Protein Treatment that includes hot oil massage and amla pack remedy that will rehydrate and rejuvenate your hair. Besides this, you can try out the Instant Repair treatment, which aims to fight damaged hair and dryness. These hair treatments are priced at Tk 1000-2000.

To go an extra mile, check out the special Dandruff Control Treatment that comes with ozone therapy and specifically uses Loreal products that helps diminish dandruff, and enhances blood circulation in the scalp, leading to healthier hair growth.

Its starting price is Tk 3500 onward.

Aside from its facial and hair care services, Woman’s World also offers a variety of body care services such as manicure, pedicure and the hot therapy, which relieves muscle pain.


Located at Gulshan 2, this snazzy salon looks into the face, body and hair care demands of the modern men. The top-notch hair treatments for winter include the anti-dandruff and Loreal Aminexil treatments. The former is a wholesome treatment that focuses on the usage of organic Korean products to enrich the hair and eliminate dandruff.

The Aminexil treatment is highly recommended for those struggling with hair thinning and hair loss. It contains a nourishing formula that improves hair growth and volumises the hair.

The Italian Facial is an exclusive touch to add to your face that will remove dead skin cells and restore its natural brilliance. What’s best about this service is that it is suitable for all skin types! The Body Shop Facial and Skindom Facial are other slick picks for the cold weather. Skin hydration is the primary focus of the services and both use a range of branded and imported products for the process.

The starting price for facials is Tk 1500 and can stretch to Tk 10000. Body care services include manicure, pedicure and full body scrubbing which range within a price range between Tk 1000 and Tk 4000.


This trendy new salon at the edge of Dhanmondi #27 operates wholly for men. Among its hair care services, the Scalp Therapy is the top pick for winter. In this treatment, the patron can experience a relaxing scalp massage with oil, followed by a hair pack application that helps to open hair follicles, boost blood circulation and clear away dead cells and dandruff. This remarkable service is surprisingly within your means, at just Tk 600.

The current weather outside tends to make your skin dry and rough, requiring you to hydrate, tone and cleanse it regularly. Keeping that in mind, Adonis offers two superb facials – Orange Facial and Chandan Facial.

A natural face pack made with milk and orange extract is the key ingredient of the Orange Facial that costs around Tk 1700. The Chandan Facial helps to remove black heads, dead skin and gives a brilliant glow to your face. It is priced at Tk 800.

Foot and full body massages are additional attractions at this salon in winter and cost between Tk 600 and 1500.


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