Smith plans to get under India’s skin

We are only halfway through the Test series with Pakistan and Australian skipper Steve Smtih is already eyeing off his next opponent, India.

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The Aussies head to the subcontinent for a four Test series in April and haven’t come home successful since 2004.

Smith is aware of the daunting task ahead and plans to get under the skin of rival captain Virat Kohli to put the Indians off their game.

“He is a world-class player and he has, obviously, led the Indian team incredibly well over the last 18 months or so,” Smith told ABC Grandstand .

“They have won a lot of games in that time and I think they have played a lot of cricket at home in that time as well.

”I think he has improved a lot body-language wise. He is a very emotional character out on the field but I think he has improved a lot there.

“I guess for us as a team it’s trying to get him out of the strong emotional state and try and make him, I guess, a little bit angry and ruffle his feathers and things like that. I think if you can get him in that state then the Indian team can possibly be a little bit vulnerable.

“We, obviously, go there in February and, no doubt, it’s going to be an incredibly difficult tour – going to India always is.

”Four Tests there, it’s a great opportunity for this team where we are, obviously, going to be the underdogs going there.

“It would be fantastic to win a series there and we are going to have to make sure our processes are in order and we play a lot better than we have done in sub-continent conditions.

India are coming off crushing victories over New Zealand and England and will take plenty of satisfaction out of pulling the trifecta.


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