Sri Sri Tango: together, tango dance & yoga create circle of relatives amusing

An Interview with Marco Di Giano, conceptualizer of Sri Sri Tango

Marco Di Giano teaches Sri Sri Tango, a workshop that mixes yoga, meditation and tango. The end result is a amusingcrammed, relaxing activity for the entire own family. humans are passionate about the art of Lving Yoga Tango workshop, wherein they are able to easily examine the popular tango social dance in afriendly environment. together with dancing tango, members get hold of an creation to the blessings of yoga and meditation, which help to improve communication abilties, and can relieve the stresses of each day lifestyles.

Q. Please inform us approximately Sri Sri Tango.

Marco: in the Sri Sri Tango magnificence, we create a own family surroundings for all.The own familycomes and enjoys and shares with all of the human beings. it is very fine and candy. For folks that wantto research tango, it’s miles a very nice manner to start. Now you may come for the tango and also youfind out The artwork of dwelling world.

Q. How did your experience encourage you to create the Sri Sri Tango workshop?

Marco: within the art of dwelling international middle, I took the Natya yoga workshop which teaches devotional dance with meditation. I commenced thinking about tango, dance and meditation and expertise. And at some point, I started out speaking approximately it with Krishanji, my artwork of Lving Yogateacher. He stimulated me and supported my enthusiasm. He stated, “sure, you could do it.” We startedto prepare tango dance training on Sunday evenings in the artwork of residing middle in México town.humans started coming. and coming, 20 to forty humans were there often, then the television and newspapers. We realized we could truly start this.

Q. what’s your non-public relationship with yoga?

Marco: It isn’t always most effective the asanas (bodily postures). I accomplice yoga with a lifestyle, howyou could be extra balanced, extra satisfied, and live with more enthusiasm. It isn’t always only a way toexercise the asanas, however to know the way to be more skillful to loosen up, and remedy the situation,to improve the manner we understand fact.

Yoga enables me to position all this know-how in exercise. while i am extra calm and targeted, i’mbetter, i can perceive better, examine and specific myself higher. for instance, we work oncommunication competencies in Sri Sri Tango. some thing occurs whilst you are dancing. You expresswith phrases and the body. The body expresses ninety percent, most effective 10 percent we are sayingwith words. while we are within the yoga nation, we are collectively. Our nonverbal and our verbal expression are inside the same path and our conversation then turns into more clean and effective . for example, imagine if you say, “Oh i am very glad,” while your arms are shaking and your voice issusceptible, your nonverbal expression says the reality.

Q. What do you reflect onconsideration on the mixture of yoga and dance together?

Marco: they are complementary. Yoga gives us historic expertise to be extra healthy to enhance ourcapabilities, and to have greater focus about our habits so we are able to make ourselves better. Weblend these together due to the fact tango is stunning. while we stay the tango on this way, it’s milesextra mild, more accessible. Combining yoga and dance, we can be more open for absolutely everyone. The whole circle of relatives is invited to create this first-rate surroundings.

Q. So how does it all work?

Marco: it’s far an easy way for the people to sign up for collectively. human beings come for the tango, and additionally they revel in getting to know the yoga and respiration exercises. human beings aretaking part in it. it’s miles exceptional. it’s miles fresh.

We do a Sri Sri Tango route for 3 days. We dance, play video games, it relies upon on the people. over the past 3 days, we educate 3 to 4 points that are very crucial. First is the feel of belongingness. Wepercentage approximately the importance of provider in our lives. The significance of love, and takingobligation in lifestyles. We additionally do some workout. We paintings for the sense of the existingsecond. this is very critical within the dance and in existence. on the quit the tango isn’t very essentialon this context of personal boom.

Q. What do human beings say approximately the elegance?

Marco: We get a very good reaction. they are saying, “Oh, I can not accept as true with how am i able tofeel such rest, like sleep, in 20 minutes!,” and the human beings after meditation, they’re smiling. whilethey may be asked, “What came about?,” they are saying, “I don’t recognize! I feel top.”

Q. Do you have got a weekly comply with-up consultation to practice the tango dance, like a satsang?

Marco: yes, it is superb. We do in Switzerland and In Argentina additionally, Maximiliano Christiani created a choreographed dance for this institution of folks who had never danced professionally before. There had been so many of them, maybe 1/2 of the folks that took the direction with me in Argentina accomplished. It turned into exquisite. They danced in the front of thousands of human beings (at the arena way of lifefestival) in Berlin.

In December we are able to have the primary Sri Sri Tango trainer schooling path in Buenos Aires. we aremaking plans to make bigger this program across the globe. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “develop yourvision, deepen your roots.”

Q. can you speak approximately any differences you’ve noticed in human beings?

Marco: whilst the people come, one sits there and another sits there. once the course has befell, there isa large hug. as an instancethey are saying to the others, “you return to my domestic and have dinner!” In 3 days, we create a brand new little own family!

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