‘I am Still Alive’ Jokes Queen Elizabeth On North Eire Go to

'I'm Still Alive' Jokes Queen Elizabeth On North Ireland Visit

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II with Northern Eire Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness (L) at HillsboroughCitadel, south of Belfast on June 27, 2016. (AFP Photo)
I’m Still alive,’ quipped Queen Elizabeth when requested approximately her fitness
It is unclear whether she was referring to her age or the Brexit vote
The British monarch turned 90 earlier this 12 months
I am Nonetheless alive,” quipped the British monarch Queen Elizabeth on Monday while requested abouther health, in her first round of public engagements since Britain voted to leave the ecu Union.

The dry remark observed a dramatic few days for Britain that have visible the top minister resign, the pound hit a 30-yr-low, and England defeated with the aid of Iceland in a shock football rout.

Subsequent came Elizabeth’s two-day journey to Northern Eire, in which she met with leaders together with Martin McGuinness, a former Irish Republican Military paramilitary who now serves as deputy First Minister of the British-dominated province.

Hello, are you properly?” McGuinness requested as he extended his hand in greeting to the monarch in a televised meeting.

I am Still alive besides. Ha,” Queen Elizabeth laughed, shaking his hand.

We’ve got been pretty busy. There’s been quite lots going on.”

It wasn’t clean whether her comments were a connection with political occasions in Britain — or likely hertwo recent birthday celebrations.

The queen, who grew to become ninety this year, delivered that she have been busy celebrating “twobirthdays”. The monarch’s birthday is widely known twice beneath British tradition.

Elizabeth has no longer issued a announcement on Britain’s vote to depart the eu, a surprise end resultthat has strained the binds of her United kingdom.

Voters in Scotland and northerly Ireland sponsored closing within the bloc, however aid for an go out in England and Wales carried the victory for “Brexit” by way of 52 percent.

That means a referendum on Scottish independence is “on the tablein line with the primary Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who hopes to hold Scotland inside the European.

McGuinness’ Sinn Fein birthday celebration, which wishes Northern Eire to go away the UK and unite with the Republic of Eire, speedy referred to as for a vote on Irish harmony following the Brexit vote.

After an target audience behind closed doors with the queen, McGuinness refused to touch upon whether or not that they had discussed the referendum.

“We mentioned many stuff, none of which I will inform you,” McGuinness said.

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