What are the different steps of rehab?

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With the addiction rates climbing around the country, we need to reevaluate how the behavior of our society has contributed to the rise of drug addiction. The number of addicts in the country has already crossed the 20 million mark and it is speculated that the number is about to take a sizable jump after the end of the lockdown due to the covid virus. The second distressing fact is that there is a very small minority among the addict population in America that is currently involved in different sorts of rehab programs with the aim of ridding themselves of their addiction. This number barely reaches the 10 percent mark. This is a distressing statistic. One way to remedy the current situation is to raise awareness about the ways rehab can prove to be helpful for addicts and their families.

One of the reasons that people are less likely to go for rehab programs is because the common man is very skeptical about rehab programs. This skepticism stems from their lack of information about rehab programs. So, to change that let us learn about the different steps that form the basis of rehab programs around the country.

The first step of rehab is to prepare the addict for detox therapy. Detox is a topic that many people are clueless about. Detox is essentially a treatment that is done to remove any toxins that might be present in the human body. It is not exclusive to rehab treatment but is also practiced in other fields. Detox is done so that there are no residual amounts of drugs present in the body. These drugs can prove to be a hurdle for the subsequent steps and in extreme cases can end up causing the addict to overdose. The treatment is often done over a set period while doctors carefully monitor the patient. The doctors can then decide the pace of the treatment as well as consider prescribing any medicine to further help during the detox process and manage the withdrawal symptoms.

The next stage of the therapy focuses on mental and physical rehabilitation. The rampant drug abuse leaves the addict’s mind and body in shambles, this step is focused on restoring these individuals to a state where they can reenter society and become functional members of society. Here the psychologists focus on teaching the addicts the concept of triggers. Triggers are events, actions, and memories that can cause the person to perform a certain action, or remember a certain memory, or experience a certain emotion. This too is not something that has been developed for addiction treatment but is common when dealing with people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) due to accidents, combat duties, and other violent situations. By learning what the triggers of their addiction are, the addicts can then either try to overcome their triggers or learn how to avoid them altogether. Besides this, the addicts are also encouraged to start different hobbies as they can help in avoiding their triggers. Physical rehab is also an important part of the rehab program. Most addicts can either get anorexic or very fat and so they are helped to gain or lose weight respectively.

So, if you believe that your loved one is struggling from addiction or maybe you yourself have picked up some sign of addiction in your daily behavior, it is the time to act. Try to stage an intervention with the help of a rehab center, which often has specialists for such an occasion. Look for information and local rehab options online i.e., Drug Rehab Birmingham Alabama. Help yourself or your loved one to a rehab center so that they can live the best life possible.

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