Does the cost of Rehab balance its benefits?

Balance Boards: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Exercises

Addiction is becoming a serious problem for the country, and we need to consider what we are going to do about the rise in the number of people that are starting to become addicts. Around 22 million people around the country are currently involved in some sort of drug abuse and this number is projected to increase by a hefty amount after the lockdown ends and another survey is done. This is because by being locked in their homes and faced with a virus that can transmit through the air and infect a person and result in a serious condition which demands the patient be put on a ventilator or even die. The stress of this situation cracked a lot of us and made us turn to drugs for solace. Many people use drugs to get past their anxiety so they can sleep or enjoy some movies or spend some time with the few families or friends they have around them. The study also found the number of addicts that are a part of different kinds of rehab programs around the country and it turns out only 1 in 10 addicts are trying to take their old lives back by ridding themselves of their addiction. This number is abysmally low and there are several reasons for it. The main reason can be said that rehab is expensive, and people are unwilling to spend so much on rehab treatment. This was the condition before the pandemic and now as the lockdowns are slowly opening what will be the opinion surrounding rehab as the number of addicts is bound to take a jump. An important thing to consider here is the fact that a lot of people were put out of their jobs due to the lockdown and people were forced to use their savings. So, is it worth it to spend money on rehab? When we consider the way addiction can affect our lives, yes, it is.

If you do decide to attend rehab it is important that you do so quickly since the longer an addiction is allowed to grow the harder it gets to leave it and then contact a rehab center online i.e. Drug Rehab New Hampshire to get more information and help your loved ones take the first step on the rehab journey.

Drug addiction causes the addict to lose interest in their daily activities and this includes their jobs and other means of income. This is due to them believing that anything that does not culminate in them doing drugs is something that is not worth doing. Addicts are often very lazy when it comes to any task except drug use and so even if they do not outright quit their jobs there is a high chance, they get fired from it. This chance increases a lot when you factor in the disregard of personal hygiene and appearance that addicts develop during their drug use. Another reason that addicts cannot hold jobs is the fact that they often steal stuff from the office to fuel their addiction. Summed up addicts are not the perfect employees and are often very difficult to work with. So, if you want to hold any job you have to be clean of all drugs. There is no sense in saving money if you can earn a proper income by spending it wisely.

Moreover, drug addiction causes the addict to move away from their friends and family. They start to get distant initially because they are ashamed of what their friends and family would think of them, but slowly they do so because they believe that they will try to stop them from doing drugs. The distance can cause the addict to not care for their dependable and this can result in a lot of problems both for the dependable and the addict. An example of this is how an addicted parent does not fulfill their obligation to their children and this can seriously harm the children. In most cases, the addict is abandoned by their friends and family.

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