What Working Americans Need To Know About Back Pain

Many Americans work hard every day in hopes of achieving the American Dream. With half of the nation’s workforce experiencing back pain, however, the daily grind feels more like a nightmare. Back pain can be a nuisance for some or downright debilitating for others. Its causes are myriad, from straining the neck forward to sitting too long to experiencing prolonged sneezing. It equals good business for the medical industry, as back pain accounts for around $90 billion each year, but the prognosis is not so good for other laborers. Here’s what you need to know.

High-Risk Careers

When it comes to back pain, not all jobs are created equal. Carpenters, farmers and warehouse workers often experience back issues from excessive bending, carrying, lifting and pulling. Spending long periods on your feet or in hunched positions also causes pain, affecting nurses, surgeons, bus drivers, retail and grocery checkout workers and even bakers. Those with physically demanding jobs such as athletes, police and firefighters also are at elevated risk for back injury.


Whether it comes in the form of dull aches or a shooting sensation, back pain can make it difficult to move, walk, stand up or change positions. The pain isn’t necessarily limited to the back itself, either. In some cases, the aches can extend to the buttocks and legs. If your daily activities have resulted in chronic or increasing pain, it’s best to seek medical attention and look into procedures like kyphoplasty Jacksonville FL or in your area.


Your path to a strong back begins with exercising, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight. Staying active, stretching before exerting physical stress and practicing good posture will further help your body be in the best position to prevent pain or injury. Lifestyle changes also should be implemented, such as quitting smoking, avoiding long bouts of inactivity and wearing comfortable, flat shoes.

Most Americans will deal with back pain sometime in their life. Keeping these tips in mind, however, will help you go from lying on your back to getting back in action.

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