First Aid Procedures You Should Know

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Accidents happen every day and knowing what to do in an emergency could save a person’s life. There are a few important first aid techniques that you should know if a critical situation arrives. Here are a few procedures to learn in the event someone gets hurt or ill.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

To learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, you need to sign up for a class and work with an instructor. You utilize this skill if a person’s heart or breathing stops. CPR is a series of chest compressions that mimics the heart beating so that blood still moves through the body. It is paired with breaths blown into the patient. You would do this until emergency personnel arrives. If there is an external defibrillator nearby, this can also be used to shock the heart back into rhythm.


Whether the injury came from heat, chemicals, sun exposure, or an electrical current, the first step to burn treatment Tracy CA is to remove the patient from the source that is hurting them. Clean the area that is affected with cool water for at least five minutes. Refrain from putting any sort of ice on it. Apply burn cream on it to prevent infection. Protect it from anything that could touch it by laying a piece of gauze over it. Keep blisters intact if they happen to form on the skin.


When you or someone gets cut and it begins to bleed, press a clean cloth against the wound and add pressure to it. Wash the area the best you can with soap and water. Coat it with first aid cream and adhere a bandage on it. However, if the injury is too deep and the blood has trouble being contained, hold the area that is hurt above your heart if possible as you add pressure to it. Seek the help of a doctor to limit the damage.

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