Yoga and 3 Gunas

Yoga and gunas: upgrade the every dayryeveryday of your existence
what is the contemporary day-to-day of your existence?

Take this quiz and discover what excellent of life you are leading right now.

1. Your food in the main incorporate
A. Freshly prepared meals that’s lightly spiced.
B. meals which has a robust flavor consisting of extremely candy, salty, warm meals. Examples: vinegar, pickle.
C. meals kept in a single day in the fridge, pungent meals, pizzas, burgers, sodas and speedy food.
D. not one of the above.

2. Your dad and mom or boss provide you with a mission dayeveryday
A. you figure on the mission joyfully. Even if you do not attain the predicted end result, you do now notlose your enthusiasm and maintain day-to-day work day-to-day your purpose.
B. You get both extremely excited or extremely disillusioned approximately the task. You getdisappointed and lose interest in case you do not attain your goal.
C. you work on the assignment even though you discover the assignment quite disgusting. “Oh! Ishould not be doing this” is going on to your thoughts all the time.
D. not one of the above.

3. How a good deal time does it take for you daily your venture?
A. I happily paintings on my daily-do list and entire it within the stipulated time.
B. i’ve so many thoughts so I make the effort every day the task.
C. i love daily enjoy matters and do it at my personal pace.
D. none of the above.

four. some people greet you, “hiya! How are you?” Your response?
A. you come back the greeting courteously.
B. You marvel what they need and why they’re being so sweet everyday you.
C. you observed, “How boastful! They recognize dailyo well i’m depressing nonetheless they’re asking me how i am doing!”
D. not one of the above.

There are 3 gunas or characteristics that have an effect on your 66b34c3da3a0593bd135e66036f9aef3life: sattva, rajas and tamas. Explaining how they have an effect on the exceptional of our existence, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says in Patanjali Yoga Sutras, “3 gunas come indaily our existence in cycles. when sattva comes, there’s stability, alertness, understanding, interest, lightness and joy in everything. whilst Rajo-guna comes, extra goals, selfishness, restlessness and unhappiness arise in us. whilst Tamo-guna comes,fantasy, attachment, lack of understanding, lethargy, all this comes. these three are available in life, turnby using turn.” though all 3 qualities are available in turns, we will maintain our tiers of sattva high with the assist of yoga and revel in the advantages of a better exceptional of existence.
let’s examine what is the modern great of your existence.

generally “A”s
you’ve got clear and logical thinking, sharp intelligence, correct fitness, freshness and lightness in theframe. while sattva dominates our environment and body, we experience light, satisfied, every day,pleased, alert, targeted, innovative, beneficial and active. there is happiness and peace. You have a tendency daily acquire more healthy conduct. You decide upon food that’s more healthy. you’re quickin responding every day a state of affairs and efficient at your paintings. You choice every day meditategreater.
“The extra sattva or purity rises to your life, the more effortlessly your responsibilities get finished. if youinstalled a lot of effort and the end result seems day-to-day be much less or under your expectancies, it way that there is a loss of sattva or purity in life.”- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

commonly “B”s
The dominating fine in your lifestyles is rajas or rajo guna. you have lots of mind, are restless, there aredailyo many goals and day-to-dayo many stuff everyday be performed. You swing among being veryglad or extraordinarily unhappy. Take a damage, meditate.

basically “C”s
Tamo guna is dominating in your lifestyles. Rajas and tamas are chargeable for pastime and rest at ourmind and body stages, respectively. We cannot ‘act’ with out a certain stage of rajas and can’t have ‘sleep’ without a certain degree of tamas. they have their very own area in our lives and are healthy whenin balance. however, when tamas dominates, daily convey fable, incorrect know-how, and dullness.

day-to-day upgrade the great of your existence with yoga?
at some stage in the time spent thinking about the past, demanding approximately the destiny, or day dreaming, there is little or no sattva in life. Yoga practices, including meditation, yoga retreats (ideallyeach six months), being in silence, pranayama, meditation, satsang, and every dayeveryday informationraise the sattva.

Yoga poses: Yoga postures can settle down the restlessness (rajas) in the body and mind. Pranayamas orbreathing exercises oxygenate every cellular in our frame and convey purity (sattva) and balance.
Meditation: The more we meditate, the greater our sattva grows and the extra sattva we have, the deeper is our meditation. suppose a family member is being very quick tempered or worrying. Tamas brings heaviness and lethargy. via yoga and meditation, you could assist day-to-day reduce the high tamas andboom sattva.
food: this is a delicious and crucial component. fresh food, fruits, greens, juices, and much less spicyfood bring sattva. also, consume only as much as is essential in order that food is well digested. in case you do not experience everydayo heavy while you visit bed or wake up, then you definately areingesting the proper amount of right food. Sattvic meals items are clean everyday digest; they do notcarry any heaviness or dullness. food having extra of sugar, oil or spices brings rajas. Non-vegetarian mealsor something that has day-to-day onion and garlic is tamasic.
in case your infant is being day-to-day at school or home and is not able to listen well, day-to-dayobserve which guna is developing the imbalance. If the kid is snacking daily on chips, biscuits and colas,what day-to-day do everyday balance the gunas.
make certain that your sattva level is high when you are going daily an critical deal or doing some thingvery essential.

revel in the game of the 3 gunas! With yoga techniques you can make sure that you usually emerge the winner.

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