10 Lux Winter Skin Care Essentials Your Skin is Craving Right Now

10 Ultimate Winter Skin Care Essentials Your Skin Cravesistockphoto.com/SrdjanPav

Cool weather has just begun and you may already see a change in your skin. Seasonal skin careswitches make a big difference in how skin handles the different climate. Don’t wait until you are duking it out with skin issues, add these winter skin care essentials to your routine ASAP.

Dry skin has a way of sneaking up on us. One minute your skin is soft and glowing, the next it is red, rough, and irritated.

Here’s the trick to handling winter skin dryness. Head it off before it happens. You may not feel like using a cleansing balm or rich moisturizer when your skin is behaving, but adding in one item a day that is more emollient will stop dryness in its tracks.

You’ve probably heard that petrolatum-based products are best at keeping skin from drying out. This ingredient is not only unhealthy, but creates a barrier on skin that actually blocks it form absorbing moisture from the air.

DiscoverHuman skinMoisturizerMoistureCleanserXeroderma

Natural butters and oils protect skin from environmental damage and provide rich moisture. Choose your pick of emollient products or, if you tend to have super dry skin, use them all. The best way to prevent skin damage this winter is by regular use of skin nourishing products, so make it part of your daily beauty routine.

Let’s take a look at which products you need to stock up on.


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