11 recommendations To higher sun Salutation

Are you training solar Salutation? need to enliven your enjoy even greater? here are a few simple andrealistic tips which can assist make your solar Salutation (Surya Namaskar) revel in whole andcomfortable. happy solar Saluting!

Tip 1: warm Up The frame before You start Surya Namaskar

It is a great idea to perform a little Sukshma Vyayama or mild heat-up stretches earlier than you start with the Surya Namaskar rounds. This allows put off restlessness in the frame and prepares it for Surya Namaskar yoga postures.

Tip 2: East Or West?

in which to stand whilst doing Surya Namaskar? Do it facing the East course in case you are doing sunSalutation inside the morning and the West path if you are doing it within the night.

Tip three: upload The attitude Of Gratitude

It makes a large difference! you may be able to experience your stretches a great deal greater. That smile can maintain the electricity going.

Tip four: Do Your Surya Namaskars Gracefully

This turns into essential when you try to achieve a higher goal of Surya Namaskar rounds ( a fewhumans can also even move as much as 108 solar salutations ) Even while you pick up pace, don’t do the poses with a jerk or with pressure. allow the postures to float gently and gracefully one into the alternative.

Tip 5: keep a grin on your Face

It makes a massive difference! you will be able to enjoy your stretches lots greater. That smile can holdthe strength going.

Tip 6: Do Your Surya Namaskars With awareness

this is a totally critical detail in the whole exercise. Surya Namaskar might be very energizing (trust it ornow not!) if accomplished with gratitude, grace, at a slow pace and with awareness on the breath. for example, within the Ashtanga Namaskara (sixth pose), the solar plexus corresponding to the navel chakra, the reservoir of strength, receives activated, releasing a whole lot of electricity within the body, making us sense very lively. If carried out with proper attention, you can actually feel the float of powerbeginning from the Navel chakra to the complete body. For me, every so often lying down in Shavasana (Corpse Pose) after Surya Namaskar becomes next to not possible because of a lot of power within theframe!

Tip 7: respiratory should Be herbal

at the same time as doing solar Salutation, breathe normally (not in Ujjayi). additionally, breathing mustnot be forceful. Breathe slowly, lightly and resultseasily, with awareness on each breath that you inhale and exhale. try and keep the breath in harmony with anybody movement.

Tip 8: Surya Namaskar Is great finished With Mantra Chanting

thru their electricity of vibration, the sun Salutation mantras have a subtle but powerful and penetratingeffect at the thoughts and frame. every of the 12 Surya Namaskar poses have 12 corresponding mantras recited in honor of the sun. similarly, as you do each posture, take your attention to the particular chakra (12 chakras for each posture). as an instance, inside the first pose (Namaskarasana), we take our interestto the Anahata Chakra positioned at the heart stage. doing your solar Salutations with mantra chants andconsciousness on chakras, adding a sense of gratitude, provides a profound non secular and meditativething on your practice.

Tip 9: sun Salutation may be A warm-Up Or A Stand-by myself exercising

choose Your very own Yoga Plan
For busy yogis:
sun Salutation → loosen up in Yoga Nidra

when you have more time:
heat-up stretches → sun Salutation (begin sluggish, go speedy, land up slowly) → excessive yoga postures → relax in Yoga Nidra → end with pranayama & meditation
The latter works excellent for individuals who are pressed for time. a few rounds of sun Salutation canprovide a complete frame workout in a span of 10-15 mins! As a routine exercise, 6 sets or 12 rounds ofsun Salutation are enough. you could also do it as a heat-up workout, earlier than getting into Padma Sadhana or other extreme yoga postures. in case you are practicing Surya Namaskars as part of yourheat-up, you can do them at a fairly faster pace. while you exercise them as part of the yoga postureexercise, you can maintain gradual to medium speed. After some rounds, the frame feels mild and bendyand the stretches in the energetic yoga postures end up deeper. when you have backache, avoidpracticing sun Salutations at a fast pace.

Tip 10: relax After finishing Surya Namaskar

As you finish your closing round of Surya Namaskar, lie down and loosen up your entire body. For first-rate consequences, it’s miles advisable to lie down in Yoga Nidra, giving the body sufficient time to assimilate the outcomes of the stretches. however, if you are brief on time, you could loosen up for a few minutes in Corpse Pose, for entire rest to the mind and body.

Tip 11: The secret’s In setting effort after which Letting cross

remaining, however surely now not the least, that is the maximum critical tip to beautify your Surya Namaskar experience. Like each yoga posture, while you start doing Surya Namaskars within thestarting, you’ll need to install a bit effort. That attempt is required, as it facilitates channelize the Rajoguna or restlessness inside the frame after which what remains is easy harmony or Sattva. So Rajoguna receives exhausted with exercising and Sattva leads you to meditation – the feeling of lettingmove.

including all of these in our every day practice of Surya Namaskar could make the revel in a wholesadhana – one which includes asana (posture), pranayama (breathing), mantra (chants) and chakra meditation. Ever idea sun Salutation can be so much extra than physical workout for weight loss?

discover a art of living Yoga course close to you to learn sun Salutation efficiently from an art of residingYoga trainer. send your questions and queries to information@artoflivingyoga.org. We stay up for helpingyou along with your yoga exercise.

(based on inputs via Dinesh Kashikar, senior art of residing Yoga instructor and Dr. Sejal Shah,countrywide Coordinator for The art of residing Yoga, India.)

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