Beauty Beat: The natural ingredients important in keeping skin smooth

Exfoliation Finding the perfect body scrub – then putting it to work – is a summer mission. To be effective, it needs to be grainy but gentle, with sloughing elements such as bamboo, crushed almonds and fruit extracts, and moisturising ingredients like rosehip oil and shea butter. Work over skin in a circular motion. Go on, smooth things over.

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Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Emma Stone are fans of this hairstyling primer: it combats humidity (yay!), boosts shine and cuts down blow-drying time. Spray evenly onto towel-dried hair, comb through and then bring out the heat-styling guns. Davines Your Hair Assistant Blowdry Primer, 250ml, $40,

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This week I try … a galvanic facial

The lowdown Guinot has a French expert therapist, Sandrine, visiting Australia, so I’m trying the company’s new Hydradermie Youth Treatment, which targets the skin’s cellular energy using its wonder electrode machine. Bring it on! Phase one involves a deep-cleanse, exfoliation and application of a soothing gel serum that’s absorbed with the help of rollers that emit a gentle galvanic current (electricity generated by a chemical reaction). It feels tingly, in a pleasant way. Next comes an oxygen based cream that’s massaged into my face with the soothing help of a warm thermal electrode. Phase three is an old-school facial massage to boost circulation. The last step? A mask.

Pain factor There was a bit too much Sandrine chatter for me, but that was because she had her educator’s hat on.


Downtime One hour.

Results At the end, my skin felt zingy from the electrical element and soothed by the hands. The next day, it looked plumped and my skincare products were absorbed really quickly.

Where to get it Sydney: Canvas Beauty, Cost: $190. Melbourne: Beauty from Within, Cost: $190. At home Try replenishing dehydrated skin with Guinot Cell Moisturizing Serum, $135,

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What makes lipsticks shimmery?

Some lipsticks contain ground fish scales: aka “pearlescence”. Th is silvery substance is also used in nail polish and paint. It’s sourced from the glimmering scales of herring. Who’d have thought?

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