Olive Oil for Skin and Hair

olive-oil-for-skin-and-hairOlive oil is a staple in kitchens around the world, but it’s also a mainstay in many medicine cabinets. Olive oil can be used as a facial cleanser, eye makeup remover and deep conditioner. And like any culinary recipe, just make sure to use the right type and amount to get the true benefits of olive oil in your beauty regimen.
SEE MORE: Olive Oil Found to Help Prevent Skin CancerThe compounds found in olive oil that can reduce the risk of heart disease can also benefit the skin. Vitamin E reduces scarring, antioxidants combat free radicals and the anti-inflammatory nature can calm redness or breakouts. Just like with cooking, using high-quality extra virgin olive oil increases the benefits of use.

Using the oil cleansing method, olive oil becomes a substitute for cleanser. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and gently massage the oil all over your face, including eyes and lips if makeup needs to be removed. A hot towel placed on the skin helps open the pores and loosen any trapped dirt.

If using straight olive oil seems a little strange, there are plenty of oil based cleansers to try. Olive oil is a fantastic remover for waterproof mascara, stubborn matte lipstick or face paints. Either rub the oil straight onto the skin or use some on a cotton ball like a traditional makeup remover.


Olive oil isn’t just for the face – it can be used all over the body. It’s a great option for dry winter skin. Massage small amounts onto the knees and elbows or use in place of a body lotion, especially areas like heels that crack. Before bed, rub oil onto the feet, elbows and knees. Letting the oil sit on your skin overnight can help soften cracked, dry skin. The same method can be used to combat dry hands and cracked cuticles. However, be careful applying; the oil can possibly stain fabrics or make feet slippery on bathroom floors.

An alternative to store bought deep conditioners is olive oil. When I was growing up after swim lessons, my grandmother would warm olive oil and massage it into my hair. To really condition, wrap a warmed towel around the hair and let the oil sit for twenty minutes before styling as usual.

If time is an issue, a small amount of olive oil can help tame flyaways and condition dry ends. There are two ways to easily treat split ends: coat the ends hair with olive oil before showering or smooth a small amount on wet hair before styling. The oil can also help soothe an itchy, winter scalp.

Instead of keeping olive oil in the kitchen, give it a shot as part of a beauty routine.


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