ceremonial dinner Your Eyes at the BMW ‘Optimus PRAEM’


‘PRAEM’ builds a one-off retro themed motorcycle out of an S one thousand RR
The custom clothing stores are primarily based out of Paris
The mechanicals continue to be the identical, even as the bodywork is all-new
The BMW S 1000 RR is one of the most powerful bikes on the planet. With close to 2 hundred horseswaiting to be unleashed, the S one thousand RR is nothing quick of a missile on a racetrack. howeverhow does one turn the S a thousand RR into something that might kill you at the beginning sight?

(BMW Optimus PRAEM side profile)
it’s easy! move over to PRAEM Customs in Paris, hand them over a stock BMW S one thousand RR and spot them create magic. The Paris-based custom outfitters took a modern day superbike legend andbecame it into a glowing tribute to eight-hour Suzuka racing motorcycles of yore.

The ‘Optimus PRAEM’, remains an S one thousand RR albeit with a retrotraditional appearance. allowus to give an explanation for. As visible in the pictures, the bodywork is all new and smooth. The redand blue livery is an affidavit to the Alexander Calder BMW 3.0 CSL, which first raced at the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1975.

(BMW Optimus PRAEM gas tank)
prematurely, there’s just a unmarried headlamp off-set to the right, a retro windscreen and rounded bodywork that harks returned to the endurance racing bikes of the 80s. The air inlet is new and so is the sub-frame which includes the battery below. The gas tank is likewise custommade from aluminium. Itreceives a completely revised topphase which capabilities a Staubli short-fill gas cap, once more a styling bit borrowed from persistence racing bikes. The engine covers are also custom bits and have beendesigned retaining in mind the styling from the 80s. Out pass the standard alloy wheels and in come carbon-fibre wheels, which lessen the unsprung weight via a widespread 5kgs. The brakes too are carbon-ceramic discs. The radiator unit has been modified as well, with a brand new staying power unit geared up in vicinity of the usual unit. the usual exhausts make way for Akrapovic titanium mufflers. common, the Optimus PRAEM is now 20kgs lighter than the same old S a thousand RR because of this that the energy-to-weight ratio has went up further. The components which remain untouched are the engine, suspension and the swingarm as they were designed to be at home, be it the road or the race-song.

(BMW Optimus PRAEM on a racetrack)
PRAEM Customs is administered by way of brothers, Sylvain and Florent, who have in advance workedon numerous other such projects. if you want your superbike to have a non-public touch, you mayconstantly visit their workshop in Paris. they may be greater than happy to help you.

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