Commit one hour to physical excercise

BENGALURU: My mother, 52 is suffering from severe facial pain and is unable to speak and eat. It has been three years now and is on medication such as Gabantip AT. Now the pain is severe and the same tablets were prescribed to her on the last visit to the doctor.

This time it was declared Trigeminal Neuralgia. Not sure what to do. Trigeminal Neuralgia can be one of the most painful conditions on the face and the head. Several drug combinations are possible in treating it. If it does not respond adequately to medications, several types of surgical options are available.

You should bring your Mother to a good Neurologist, who can chart out a plan for management. I get muscle spasms in my neck and legs go numb. My hands tremor and I have severe weigh loss. I am told to test my spinal fluid. I do not know what all could this be. I am 27 and very much worried.

The symptoms you mention could be caused by several disease conditions. But it definitely looks significant and requires expert medical care. The initial work up toward a proper diagnosis should be completed, consisting of simple blood and urine tests.

After that, a treatment plan should be made based on the diagnosis. I am not sure if a spinal fluid examination is definitely required in your case. It is best to start by consulting a good Neurologist. I am 25 and an avid coder, working even on weekends. It has been months now that I have pain around my shoulders and my fingers hurt. Is this because of the repeated typing? Even texting is a pain.

The symptoms you describe can be caused by spending long hours on computers and smart phone systems. You should first have a general medical check up. You should then commit to spending atleast 1 hour every day for physical exercise. You could meet a good Physical Therapist / Trainer to help you with simple exercises and also advise you on posture management. If things do not improve you should meet a good Neurologist. I am a 24-year-old drummer.

I perform on stage and hence have to prepare regularly. I also teach drumming. Sometimes it gets very painful while practicing. I feel a pull near my elbows and feel the strain when I move my hand. I don’t want to quit my practice. Please help. You should first have a general medical check up.

This should be followed by obtaining the services of a good Physical Therapist / Trainer who will study your postures and movements and help you with minimizing the physical strain on your body. You will also need to develop a regular exercise routine to strengthen the muscles of your shoulders and arms. Consultant Neurologist, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road For health queries contact [email protected]


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