dear BJP, while Will You Act in opposition to Robert Vadra?

Robert Vadra has resurfaced. over again. Like a phoenix, the problem approximately his alleged corruptionin no way dies. Now he is related with an palms dealer who supposedly offered a benami property for him in London. This difficulty has changed into a slugfest between the BJP and the Congress. For the primarytime ever, Sonia Gandhi has jumped in to shield her son-in-law. She known as Modi a “Shehnashah” (the King of Kings), insinuating that the entire problem has been hatched to malign her photo inside theauthorities‘s attempt to make India “Congress-Mukt (free)”.

there is no denying the truth that Modi has emerged as the largest disaster for the Congress in standardand for the Nehru-Gandhi family mainly. not only has the BJP for the first time got a majority in the lowerresidence in 2014, but it is also unabashedly pursuing its agenda to finish the Congress, erase its memoryfrom the collective focus. lamentably for the Congress, it has no longer been able to clear up the issue of its leadership. Rahul Gandhi is incapable of main the Congress and Sonia is getting old. So the clamourwithin the birthday celebration is growing more potent that the baton have to be surpassed onto Priyanka Gandhi who of their opinion seems like a herbal successor to the Nehru-Gandhi legacy.

The RSS/BJP has been very range of Priyanka, and of their personal conversations, they admit that shemight be capable of revive the Congress. She is seen as a capacity risk to their age-vintage time table ofchanging India right into a militant Hindu Society. The everyday appearance of Robert Vadra in scandals and the undue aggression of the BJP on the problem is a pointer in that direction. that is a way to informPriyanka that if she were to decide to enter energetic politics, then she must be prepared to pay a largerfee in her private existence.

Supporters shower flower petals on Priyanka Vadra, daughter of Congress birthday celebration president Sonia Gandhi, throughout an election marketing campaign in her mom’s constituency Rae Bareli in April, 2014 (AP photo)
at some stage in the parliamentary elections in 2014, the handiest time Modi became apprehensive waswhile Priyanka attacked him frontally whilst campaigning for her mom Sonia and brother Rahul in UP. Modi had stated then that she became like his daughter and Priyanka responded that nobody need to try to be her father, no person ought to update her father (former top Minister Rajiv Gandhi). To counter Priyanka, the BJP came out with a guide and an 8-minute documentary on Robert Vadra. Senior chief Ravi Shankar Prasad became deputed to mount the attack on Priyanka. The BJP known as it “the Vadra version ofimprovement.” On April 27, 2014, Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “there was a gross violation of law relating toland and surroundingsthis is a textual content e book case of corruption and crony capitalism under thenation patronage.” My query is that if it became this sort ofcriticalissue (land deals in Haryana) andthere has been this kind of “gross violation”, then after assuming office, why hasn’t the Modi governmentpositioned him in the back of bars? it has been extra than years for the reason that Modi became theprime Minister. nothing has moved. Vadra is a unfastened man. He has no longer been even questionedonce!

in addition, Haryana and Rajasthan’s BJP governments had pompously introduced that Robert Vadra’s landoffers might be investigated and motion would be taken. The BJP’s Haryana government instituted a fee of inquiry underneath the chairmanship of Justice S N Dhingra in may, 2015. Arjun Meghwal, a senior BJP chiefin Haryana, sufficed with announcing, “there is a land ceiling act in Rajasthan, Vadra has brazenly violated that act and we will take the difficulty to its logical stop.” No motion yet. This assertion became made in the context of Robert Vadra’s alleged involvement in the Bikaner Land rip-off.

Benami London domestic for Robert Vadra connected to palms supplier, shows report accessed by means of NDTV. he’s married to Congress leader Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka.
maximum quite, the Congress has been tough the BJP to take action against Vadra. Senior chief of thecelebration Digvijaya Singh had stated, “BJP is doing gimmickry, hawabaji. If Vadra has violated any law, they ought to take movement.” Digvijaya said this in November. again no motion. Now any otherallegation has regarded on tv screens and at the front pages of newspapers. The query remains theidentical – will any movement be taken? Will Vadra be wondered/interrogated? Will he be put behind bars?i’ve my doubts.

Very currently, Italy’s Milan appellate court pronounced the decision in the Augusta Westland case and convicted two officials of the company. The courtroom judgement referred to the names of Sonia Gandhi and different senior leaders. The BJP and senior members of the Modi cupboard were shouting from rooftops. All varieties of accusations were made against Sonia but, no longer so fantastically, no seenaction has been initiated till now. Even a word has now not been served. No wondering has happened. If Sonia is involved, as claimed by way of the BJP, then by now, she should be in trouble and facingregulation corporations. however she is sitting quietly in 10 Janpath. So i can say with reality that asample is emerging.

The BJP is aware of that the UPA government misplaced its mandate because of extreme corruption feesagainst the Manmohan Singh government. It became dubbed the maximum corrupt government due to the fact that Independence. The Congress become so discredited that its variety in the Lok Sabhashriveled to a historical low. It has lost 4 states in a row since then. The opportunity of its revival may be very dim as of now.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has dared the government to “behavior an inquiry” into the allegationstowards Robert Vadra
Modi is a totally sensible flesh presser. He is aware of that the Bofors scam has permanently crippled the Congress. The harm become more decimating as it changed into for the primary time that a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family become targeted and Rajiv Gandhi become in the eye of the typhoon. The Congress then changed into reduced from 405 seats to 192 within the 1989 elections. considering thatthen it, has did not accumulate a clean majority inside the Lok Sabha. Bofors weakened each the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi circle of relatives completely.

Modi wants to maintain the pressure at the Congress, keep its leaders tainted in the eyes of the humans, rob them of any hazard of acquiring any ethical high ground within the future. This heat is working, unnerving the Nehru-Gandhi own family. Sonia calling Modi a Shehanshah is reflective of that unease.

The Robert Vadra trouble will hold resurfacing, allegations of corruption will keep flying, the BJP willmaintain attacking. however investigating organizations will move at a snail’s tempo as that is what suitsModi. hence the Congress’ conflict cry that the Augusta matter ought to be investigated in months, Vadra’s land deals ought to be inquired in time bound way. however those will not reduce any ice with the Modigovernment. The Congress and Sonia Gandhi and the complete Nehru-Gandhi family has to live with this. The sword will forever hold over their heads.

(Ashutosh joined the Aam Aadmi birthday celebration in January 2014.)

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