Expert suggests diet to reverse diabetes in 72 hours

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury said his ‘DIP diet’ can fix any kind of disorder within the body.

By following a special diet rich in fruits and vegetables, Type I and II diabetes can be reversed in just 72 hours and almost all lifestyle illnesses in a few months, a visiting Indian medical nutritionist has claimed.

Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury said his ‘DIP diet’ can fix any kind of disorder within the body.

“Enjoy 15-20 minutes of sunshine. From morning till noon, eat four types of fruits. If you are a diabetes patient, try sweet fruits as blood sugar level will come down. If your weight is 70kg, then multiply it by 10, i.e., minimum 700gm of fruits. For lunch, you can have two plates. In the first plate have four types of raw vegetables, salads and green leaves. If your weight is 70kg, multiply it by 5, i.e., at least 350gm of raw vegetables.

After this you may have your normal diet of rice, curry etc served in second plate,” he said and noted this will increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels. “For snacks, take soaked sprouts and nuts, and coconut water. Dinner should be a repeat of lunch but by sunset. Stop consumption of all dairy products – milk, tea and coffee, and animal products like meat. Almost 90 per cent of illness suffered by a human body can be reversed,” said Chowdhury, who conducted sessions at Indian Embassy, India Social and Cultural Centre and labour accommodations in Abu Dhabi and Indian Business and Professional Council in Dubai.

Chowdhury is an engineer, who left his profession to pursue his true calling of understanding the mind and the body. As the son of an air force officer, Chowdhury travelled across various states of India till his graduation. He had a research paper published, which became basis for him to do a post-graduation in diabetes. “I did my post-graduation from International Diabetes Federation. I have an honorary PhD from Alliance International University,” he said and urged people not to give up cooking but add DIP diet to daily consumption.

Chowdhury has centers in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Switzerland, and runs his programme ’72 hours Diabetes Tour’ through the app Diabetes72.

Expat avoids amputation through diet

Indian community leader Surjit Singh faced a host of health issues including severe diabetes, blood pressure, low vitamin and weight gain. He reached a stage where he couldn’t feel any sensation in his legs.

“I had lost hope. I was staring at amputation of legs like in case of my mother, who was heavily diabetic. It was accidentally that I saw Dr Biswaroop’s YouTube video and followed it. Within 72 hours, I could feel the change. By end of the first month, I lost body weight.

And in the last 18 months, I haven’t taken a single medicine. I have regained almost 80 per cent of sensation in my legs,” Singh added.


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