Freedom from five assets of distress

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – knowledge Sheet 19
Contd. from know-how sheet 18

Patanjali, in the subsequent yoga sutra, fantastically analyses the completely blossomed nation ofrecognition.

“Klesha karmavipakashayairaparamrushtaha purushavishesha ëshwaraha”

klesha = anguish; karma = movement; vipaka = culmination of action; ashayaihi = impressions; aparamrushtaha = untouched; purusha visheshaha = that unique self; ëshwaraha = God.
“God is that special Self who’s loose from affliction, action, fruit of action, impact and untouched byactivities.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #24

That center of consciousness is loose from the 5 reasons of suffering.

What are the forms of struggling?
One sort of suffering is lack of knowledge or avidya. while your cognizance is full of lack of know-how, then there’s restlessness, there is disappointment and suffering. distress is because of lack of knowledge. lack of awareness is giving importance to something that isn’t really worth the importance.ignorance is thinking something this is converting to be permanent or imagining something to be joyfulwhich is not blissful. much like, when someone passes a comment approximately you. it is just aphrase that got here from a person‘s mouth and it vanished. however wondering it’s miles a permanentcomponent, maintaining it to your thoughts is lack of knowledge. a person‘s comment is a fleeting wave of thought or power that got here and went away. They do not even have that opinion afterward. but youpreserve that in your mind, ‘that is the opinion so and so have approximately me all the time,’ which isn’tgenuine.

‘Me, me, my my’ idea gives you distress
What people think about me? What do I need from them? How do I take advantage of them? Do they thinki’m desirable or awful? All these items about ‘me, me, I, I’ are known as asmita. that is the secondmotive of struggling. now not being one with the life and having a separate identification, ‘i am exclusivefrom everybody.’ This asmita eats you up. this is the reason of your suffering.

The 1/3 is raga or strong yearning for some thing, fourth is dwesha means aversion or hatred and fifth is abhinivesha or fear. these are assets or reasons of distress.

That focus deep down in you is devoid of these five factors. though outwardly you’re depressing,outdoor you’re longing for something. if you sincerely go to the middle of your lifestyles, you areloose from it. you may hate anyone on the outdoor, however within the center of your lifestyles there may be no hatred. there is worry best at the out of doors. there may be lack of understanding most effective at the outside, but when you come to the middle of your lifestyles, there may be no fear.there’s no lack of know-how there. there is no ‘you’ there.

whilst those five kleshas are removed even from the outer body, then whatever is within the center will become eminent, so apparent. The Lordship in you blossoms. God in you is manifested. So God is that purusha, that Being that is devoid of those 5 kleshas, sufferings or distress. And He is also without the 4forms of Karma.

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