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Patanjali Yoga Sutras – expertise Sheet 17
Contd. from knowledge sheet 16

“Shraddhveerya smrutisamadhiprajnapurvaka itaresham”

with the aid of religion, via power or courage, through reminiscence of getting skilled the Self and viathe deep nation of equanimity, a state of heightened cognizance is gained.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #20

Samadhi via faith
this is a essential sutra. Shraddha way faith. religion makes your focus stable, steady and stable. Doubt in attention makes you inclined, nervous and uncertain. faith brings totality in you. It pulls together allloose ends of cognizance. It integrates your entire personality. Doubt scatters you and destroys you. Doubt disseminates you and your energy. Doubt is something that pulls you apart. Dissemination of power is doubt. Consolidation of your electricity is religion. The very feeling of you having religion is a kind ofconsolidation, of power.

that is why Jesus additionally said that faith is your strength. they’re synonymous — religion and energy.when you are strong and bold, you have faith. when you are weak and feeble, you have doubts. Doubt and uncertainty are symptoms of weak point. when there is religion, then samadhi (equanimity) is alsoaccomplished (simply out of faith).

Samadhi through Valor
Veerya is valor. as an example, the force with which a soldier marches on is veerya. have you ever now notobserved how valor rises in human beings whilst they say, “We fight for our u . s . a ., my country. Myunited states of america is in hazard, my religion is in danger.” you suspect they truly do it with outgetting any joy out of it? In that second of valor or severe experience of patriotism, they get this sort ofexcellent pleasure. this is why this world is dealing with wars time and again. If human beings wouldabsolutely condemn war, if nobody favored war, then struggle can’t and could not appear.

although the end result of battle isn’t palatable, the system of war may be very exciting for human beings. every cellular of your frame becomes united, the entire focus turns into one, and the wholedefence system in you gets awoke. that is again strength: defence against fear. while defence in opposition to worry involves its height, it’s miles completely happy because there is equanimity. there is a sense of gratitude, patriotism, and devotion. That feel of patriotism, valor or vigour additionally takes you to a kingdom of meditation.

Samadhi thru memories of Peace
Smruti is reminiscence. once you have had a very non violent, lovely nation of thoughts (enjoy), the very memory of it will make you relive that. reminiscence of samadhi reproduces reminiscence of the Self, freedom, devotion, give up, love, joy and this brings you again to yourself, regularly, we do not take into account first-rate things. What we preserve remembering is horrific things. We do not recall complimentsbut we take into account any person‘s insults. but yoga is popping the wheel round (a full circle).consider the ones fantastic moments you’ve got had. sit and be with it. In that very reminiscence, yourwhole being gets lower back to that state.

Then thru samadhi, through deep meditation, via a deep equanimous thoughts also focus is won. Pragya or heightened consciousness is the result of samadhi. An equanimous mind gives rise to a heightenedconsciousness. these many methods are there so that you can blossom in lifestyles. these are the other ways of being aware about the Self.

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