The Seed of All understanding

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – know-how Sheet 21
Contd. from information sheet 20

“Tatra niratishayam sarvagnabëjam”

tatra = in Him; niratishayam = unique; sarvagna = all knowingness; bejam = seed

“In Him exists the seed of all knowingness in a special manner.”
-Patanjali Yoga Sûtra #25

The seed of understanding is found in God. however then people begin to ask questions — “nicely, if Lord Krishna knew the whole lot, why did he try and stop the warfare three times? He knew the warfareturned into going to take place anyway. He never told Arjuna that he changed into going to win theconflict.” No. All He says is, “if you win the battle, you’ll rule this global. if you lose the war, you will go toheaven.”

He does not supply the right solution, the proper knowledge. He does no longer tell Arjuna what theresult is going to be. The question is why.

This seed of ‘all understanding’ is present everywhere. for example, when you have a dictionary at home, any second, any word you need, you can simply flip the page and choose it out. You do no longer wantto recognize by using coronary hearteach word present inside the dictionary. further, in case youopen yourself as much as this highest form of your recognition, this moment, all expertise is gift.

What does ‘all knowledgemean? This second you understand or sense all of the beings inside theworld and what they are doing. what number of thousands and thousands of humans are there on thisplanet? At this one moment, there are many humans within the international who are snoring, in addition there are others who’re preventing and many who are simply consuming. And this is simplythe human beings. Now don’t forget all residing beings. such a lot of eggs hatching, such a lot ofchickens are being killed; such a lot of buffaloes wandering round; so many cows grazing; such a lot ofmonkeys jumping from tree to tree; so many ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, amoebae… thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of viruses and micro organism.

there is an big quantity of pastime this very moment. amongst this huge activity you pick out up the onewhat is so and so doing right now. this is a completely hard task, once in a while not really worth the time, however it is feasible. from time to time humans question me how I recognize the most mysterything in their lifestyles, the component they never advised everybody about. I tell them I do not realize,but I understand it. then again, every so often I don’t even recognise wherein i’ve located my pen or comb.

that is most confusing to folks that surprise how I look for my comb, but recognize their deepestdarkest secrets. this is the seed of ‘all knowingness’ gift inside the recognition. yes, it’s far certainlyawesome.

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