Hair loss cure? Drink that promises to REVERSE balding now being sold in UK

Hair loss cure

Hair loss cure: A new protein shake claims to reverse hair loss
Loss of hair affects around half of men in the UK by the time they reach 30

While it’s not detrimental to general health, balding can affect self-esteem.

There are a number of treatment options currently available, such as having a hair transplant, medications like finasteride or dermatography.

But such methods can be costly and run into the thousands of pounds.

Hair loss cure

Hair loss cure: Balding affects up to half of UK men before 30

The whey protein shake, costing £50, contains ingredients that stimulate the production of new hair.

However, a new protein shake that promises to counteract hair loss is to be sold in the UK for the first time.

The whey-based drink, costing £50, contains ingredients that stimulate the production of new hair.

Dr Edward Ball, a leading hair transplant surgeon and medical director at The Maitland Clinic, said there is evidence that Help Hair works.

“While, on the face of it, a drink that promotes hair growth sounds too good to be true, and there were those of us in the industry were sceptical when the shake was first announced.

7 Myths about hair loss

Hair loss cure: Whey protein was said by experts last year to accelerate hair loss
“But there’s a reason that a growing number of hair transplant surgeons, particularly in places like the US and Belgium, are sitting up and taking notice – and it’s because the science stacks up.

“It works to extend the ‘anagen’ phase – the most active growth phase of hair follicles – and make the follicle less receptive to DHT.”

DHT – or Dihydrotestosterone – is a by-product of testosterone and is thought to cause male pattern baldness.

“This shake is also largely unprocessed and un-denatured, meaning they contain lots of growth factors that promote good hair retention,” said Dr Ball.


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