Here’s The Best Hair Loss Advice From An Expert

More and more people nowadays experience hair loss. This is the reason why hair loss products have become a multi-billion business.

According to the Hair Society, 35 million men and 21 million women, a huge part of the worldwide population, are bound to lose their hair, and they could only address this problem by tapping professional services, treatments and the like.

To better understand this condition, you must first know its different signs and symptoms. The first one of which is the gradual thinning of hair on the top of the head. This is the most common symptom of alopecia.

In other cases, people notice circular or patchy bald spots on their head. For this type of hair loss condition, the eyebrows and beard may also be affected, and there is itchiness and pain before the hair starts to fall out.

Hair loss could also come suddenly due to stress or emotional shock. People who experience this are surprised to see a handful of hair after brushing or taking a bath. Meanwhile, people who undergo chemotherapy suffer full scalp hair loss. But this one is less alarming since the hair usually grows back after treatment.

For people out there who are worried about their hair loss, Nourkrin medical consultant and hair loss expert Dr. Omar has given some valuable advice on how to better understand this condition.

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According to him, the best way to address this problem is by debunking the myths surrounding it, such as the idea that hair loss isn’t normal. Dr. Omar said that this is actually a normal condition because we all lose between 100 and 150 strands of hair everyday.

Another myth that should be debunked is the notion that hair loss becomes inevitable with age. But this is not true since hair loss could affect people of all ages. Dr. Omar said that it can certainly “affect young children” for various reasons.

Dr. Omar also debunked the idea that over-washing hair could lead to hair loss. Many people think that doing so would just damage the hair because it would remove the essential oils and disrupt the normal environment of the scalp. However, this is not true. Over-washing does not lead to hair loss, over-styling does.

For Dr. Omar, the best way to address hair loss is to seek for professional treatment. He recommends using Nourkrin with Marilex, a research-backed treatment that promotes hair growth and ensures hair quality. Based on several clinical trials, this therapy worked by more than 98 percent.

Hair lossImmunosuppressive drugs used to treat blood cancer and arthritis may stimulate hair growth in patients with alopecia. Pixabay


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