Hey Skin Pervs—Watch How This Pore Vaccuum Sucks Out Blackheads

The disgusting joy of pimple-popping videos is well-documented. The best ones (read: the most horrifying) usually get views because they feature a professional dermatologist, like Dr. Pimple Popper, or because the zits in question are catastrophic cysts requiring a scientific curiosity of just what’s inside there. Are you nauseated yet?

The latest video making the rounds isn’t popular because of a particularly shocking blemish. Instead, the clip demonstrates how a pore-cleansing tool works. It slides along the skin very much like a vacuum—pulling up the delicate face skin the way your at-home hoover would pull up your rug—and it just seems so insanely satisfying.

And yes, okay, there is that one money shot of sebum exploding out of a pore. It wouldn’t be a skin video without it.

The tool is for sale here for just $29, but it appears to be a generic, drug-store product, like of like those mini-shavers that informercials claim can get rid of women’s facial hair (we think you’d probably get stubble two days in but hey, whatever works for you!).

Commenters on this site seem pretty pleased with their purchase of the skin vacuum. “Battery operated and good for DIY. Works really great. Thank you,” writes Beatrice. Good for you, Beatrice! We bet you’ve really stepped up your staring-in-the-magnifying-mirror-at-your-nose-before-bed game.

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