Overwatch: Fans Are Now Petitioning For A Space Jam Lucio Skin

Fans now have a new added request for their Overwatch Santas! Check out the growing petition for Space Jam Lucio Skin here. (Photo : FunkSoul Cosplay/Youtube)

It is the season of giving indeed as Blizzard has released free loot boxes for its entire Overwatch community. Fans all over the world can enjoy five loot boxes by simply logging into the game before January 2nd. Amidst the Winter Wonderland event and other surprises, it appears that fans have another new request for the Overwatch Santas and it’s none other than the release of a new skin specifically for Lucio.

Overwatch Space Jam Lucio

A petition for the Space Jam Lucio skin is now growing and trending in the Overwatch subreddit. Fans are enthralled with how Space Jam lines suit perfectly onto Lucio’s theme – including the famous song intro: “Everybody get up, It’s time to slam now. We got a real jam goin’ down, welcome to the space jam!”

Lucio is a Brazilian DJ in Overwatch that basically uses rhythm and beats as his abilities. Due to his nature of being wild and somewhat cartoonish, it’s safe to say that Space Jam works perfectly well for the hero – well enough that some fans even stated that they’re willing to pay a hefty amount just to incorporate Space Jam lyrics into his voice lines.

The thread has yet to materialize into an actual petition but it definitely is growing in popularity which you can partake here.

In other news, Lucio’s voice actor hinted the upcoming short story for Lucio which was first reported by PVPLive. According to Lucio’s voice actor, Blizzard is on the works for the short story although no proper confirmation has yet been announced. It should be noted, however that Overwatch team has had success on the heroes’ short stories including the recently released comic titled Reflections.

With all the outpouring support from its fans, it’s just a matter of time before Blizzard will start catering more and more of the fans’ requests including both Lucio’s skin and the foreshadowed short story.


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