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I’m sick, friends.

No reason to strike up the prayer circles — this fortunately is nothing that a lot of DayQuil and a lot of sleep can’t fix.

Meanwhile, one cubicle over, a colleague is struggling mightily with seasonal allergies.

There’s a lot of sniffling in our corner of the office.

But just because we feel lousy doesn’t mean we have to look lousy.

Here’s how to hide those allergy eyes and red noses.

Watery eyes are often red eyes, so under no circumstances should you wear pink eyeshadow. That’s particularly a bummer this spring, because there are so many beautiful pink-toned palettes being released. The Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette, $59 at Sephora, is packed with beautiful, wearable pink shades with names like Bunny Nose and Satin Sheets — but if you have allergy eyes, you must resist. Layering pink on top of bloodshot eyes will unfortunately make you look more like a rabid rabbit than an adorable bunny nose. Stick instead with neutral brown shades (there are plenty in the Too Faced Natural Love palette) to tone down the pink punch your eyes already are giving off.

Speaking of your watery eyes: waterproof mascara and eyeliner will be your friend. (Really, the only thing better than rabid rabbit eyes is running-mascara raccoon eyes, am I right?) Some waterproof formulas standing up to my current cold are the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner, $22 at Sephora, and Revlon Ultimate All-In-One waterproof mascara, $5.99 at drugstores.

When I’m sick, my nose gets red, and blowing my nose only exacerbates the problem. A good moisturizer and primer will go a long way, but when I’ve got a cold, I know I’ll need to reapply concealer frequently throughout the day. In my makeup bag right now is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer, $9.99 at drugstores; the spongelike applicator makes it incredibly easy to apply on the go. A tinted powder (try Maybelline Fit Me Set and Smooth, $7.99 at drugstores) will ensure the concealer sticks around for at least a few tissues.

I tend to look very, very pale when I’m sick. To counteract the corpse look, I use extra blush and bronzer when I’m under the weather. I find a that bronzer with a touch of shimmer, like the Too Faced Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer, $30 at Sephora, provides the most natural-looking glow. Meanwhile, Cargo Powder Blush in Big Easy, $26 at Ulta, is like makeup medicine. No, you won’t feel better, but your rosy cheeks will look like the picture of health.


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