hold your mind engaged inside the mind of the enlightened

Patanjali Yoga Sutra understanding Sheet 35
Contd. from understanding sheet 34


vitaraga = beyond cravings; vishayam = objects; va = or; chittam = thoughts

“That thoughts that’s loose from yearning for items blossoms absolutely.”

– Patanjali Yoga Sūtra 37

maintain your mind engaged within the thoughts of the enlightened. Now I let you know that your mind is likewise like water. In whichever cup you positioned water, the water assumes the form of that glass.

in the equal manner, some thing notion you interact your mind in, your mind turns into like that. It develops all the ones features of that anyplace you put it (your thoughts). So within the subsequentsūtra, Patanjali says, vītarāgavishayamvāchittam.

Vītarāga: person who has long past beyond the cravings; one who’s liberated from cravings. in case youconsider her or him, in case you consider such a person, then your thoughts also gets those traits. Itstarts offevolved to feel the peace, experience the quietness. You start assuming all those qualities and start developing the ones traits within you. maximum simple. Vītarāgavishayamvāchittam.

Our thoughts is like air, is energy, all permeating. Air does no longer have a location. It isn’t alwaysconstant someplace. Vītarāgachitta is all-pervading. in order that air, that cool breeze, that electricityenters into your device.

thoughts is likewise like ether. Your recognition is ether, is all-pervading. Vītarāgavishayamvāchittam. yet, you follow your rāga (cravings) and dwesha (aversions) even there. that is why it’s far said, Guru methodenlightened individual. Do not see him as a individual, as someone with likes and dislikes. in any other case your thoughts is going in the direction of what he likes or dislikes and also you pass over a largeexperience in your very own mind with likes, dislikes, cravings and aversions, and then anger, all these things come.

as an alternative, you spot focus as pure consciousness, as peace, as pleasure. even though anythoughts come, likes and dislikes come, again do no longer warfare. “Oh I have to now not suppose like that, like this.” just let move. loosen up.

Vītarāgavishayamvāchttam. quite simple. at once you begin to draw that energy and you count on thatshape.

You need to try this on your self and experiment. assume of someone who is very nasty and also youbegin feeling all the ones nasty emotions interior. have you ever experienced this? suppose of someone who is very jealous of you after which you will sense such uncomfortable sensations. supposeof someone who is into tablets and alcohol and who is very depressing and you’ll feel these kinds ofknots developing on your frame. have you ever skilled this? suppose of someone who loves you verytons and see how best feelings come up in you. Isn’t it?

Vītarāgavishayamvāchittam. by means of putting your interest, your thoughts on the enlightened, yourrecognition also turns into increasingly alive and extra filled with mild.

that is why Jesus also said, “if you have to visit my father, you have to go through me. there may be noother manner”. It approach that you have to go through the master due to the fact the grasp is a stableinstance. due to the fact you have to pass your mind, go through your mind. And what can assist yourmind is the entrance. The door, with the vibrations, to undergo the thoughts. the ones vibrations, sensations show up in that frame in which the chitta is vitarāga, is absolutely blossoming without anytrouble. Vītarāgavishayamvāchittam.

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