How To Unlock Zarya’s Overwatch Halloween 2021 Skin

If you missed out on Genji’s neat Skeleton skin, you might not get another chance to unlock it, but there are still another couple of event-exclusive skins you can snag just by playing Overwatch. This week’s skin is Einherjar Zarya, a look based on Norse warriors who die in battle and are escorted to Valhalla. It’s a neat vibe.

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 Zarya Einherjar skin

To unlock this skin, you’ll need to play 27 games across Competitive, Quick Play and Arcade modes by 2PM ET on October 26th. Winning a game counts for double. After nine games, you’ll get a spray connected to the skin. Once you’ve completed 18 games, you’ll unlock a player icon too.

The fastest way to get the skin, as long as you don’t mind some grinding, is to play a bunch of rounds of Junkenstein’s Revenge. Normal difficulty is the easiest way to go, and as long as you have a semi-competent team with a healer, winning the required 14 rounds should be a breeze. Plus, you can use the brawl as an aim trainer to sharpen up your mechanics, and you’ll get the three free weekly Arcade loot boxes too.


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