Ice cream diet for weight loss: Fad or fact?

Ice cream-lovers, pay attention! This is the moment you have all been waiting for. What if we told you that indulging in a sinful chocolate bar–as it melts in your mouth, bursting in a million flavours–may actually help you watch your weight? But before you confuse it for a free pass to eat all the ice cream that you want, let us elaborate.
The ice cream diet

There is actually a diet called the ‘Ice cream diet’ which is based on a book with the same name by Holly McCord. This diet claims that eating a portion of your favourite flavour of ice cream daily can help in losing weight. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, actually there is more to this dream-like diet than it appears.

Well, if you go by the original ice cream diet in the book, it says adding ice cream to your daily routine can help you with your weight loss journey, as long as you follow a healthy and balanced diet. The logic here is completely different.

How can the ice cream diet help you lose weight?

In reality, there is no fat-burning quality present in ice cream which will just melt the fat away, but the credit actually goes to the feeling of fullness that comes with eating ice cream along with following a healthy regime.

Ultimately, it all boils down to portion control. When you are counting your calories and eating fewer calories than what you are burning out, eating a portion of ice cream every day will make you feel satiated and less deprived of ‘tasty’ food.

This happens because adding a sweet treat like ice cream will help you keep a tab on your sugar cravings while ensuring that you follow strict, low-fat and high in fibre diet plans.

The bottom line

So, should you be eating ice cream daily if you are trying to lose weight? While enjoying sweet treats when you are following a strict, healthy diet may actually help you stick to the quest to lose weight, one should definitely learn how to control their portions.

Learn about the number of calories in your favourite flavour of ice cream and stick to one portion. Secondly, do not go overboard or binge-eat on it because it will defeat the whole purpose of introducing this sweet treat to your daily diet.

Our advice? Feel free to indulge in your favourite ice cream flavour occasionally and always pair it with a healthy, well-balanced diet rich in nutrients. Going overboard with any type of fad diet, including the ice cream diet, will only lead to weight gain and accumulation of unhealthy fat.

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