Life After Birth: Postpartum Hair Loss Isn’t Funny (But This Video About It Is)

HuffPost Canada Parents editor Natalie Stechyson discusses postpartum hair loss in the first episode of "Life After Birth."

HuffPost Canada
HuffPost Canada Parents editor Natalie Stechyson discusses postpartum hair loss in the first episode of “Life After Birth.”

Don a mullet wig? I’m into it. Twirl around in my backyard while pouring milk on my cans? I’m not opposed. Waddle through my kitchen in beige granny panties stuffed with a hospital-grade postpartum bleeding pad? That was my idea, actually.

If our new parenting video series, “Life After Birth,” starring yours truly, was going to be a real, blunt and funny take on the harder parts of mom life, well, I needed to abandon all pretence and strut those droopy underoos with swagger.

Watch Natalie in all her mullet-wigged glory in our first episode of “Life After Birth.” Story continues below.

Plus, there’s just something about pushing a human out of your vagina, keeping that human alive with your boobs — and then having that human grow into a toddler who wants to watch you poop and thinks your tampons are hilarious toys — that really strips down your sense of dignity.

So, I was pretty amenable to filming some of the more humiliating scenes about postpartum life (’cause, you know, I’d already lived them). That is, until the video producer for “Life After Birth” asked me to text her a photo of the back of my head — where my scalp is slightly more visible than one might like — and I very nearly quit the entire damn project.


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